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     Over the centuries mankind has struggled with a seemingly unknown obstacle that has prevented him from evolving, this unknown thing has been realized many times by great people like Zoroaster and has even had forgotten religions formed around it to try to make the realization of truth.


This reality has caused many people to blame the effects of these obstacles on evil entities that are set on destroying our lives and our planet, the so called Devil is a good example, the epitome of evil is the cause of all disorder on our planet, I have news, the Devil does exist and it is US.


We all have the Devil inside of us to some extent, it is a part of our False personality, you see everyone has a Duality of their personality, it is very simple, there is a good side and a bad side to every person on the planet, the Good side can be said to be of our Soul which is Divine, but if you don't have a spiritual nature, it can be just thought of as good, and the Bad side is something that our Souls have created to make things more interesting in our lives,


if you aren't about to believe you have a soul, you might believe that your two personalities are just the different halves of the double helix of our DNA, our personalities have been programmed with certain over-leaves to give us a basic outlook on life that we start with after adolescences.


It is a basic bio program that is updated as we live our lives to make us who we are, unfortunately, some people have extra nasty over-leaves to begin with and their lives deal them one bad hand after another to in effect create a type of Hitler if you will,


now I admit that this would be the most extreme case, but it is needed to set an example of what could be, not only did this individual have extremely harsh over-leaves programmed into him, but in addition to that, his life after adolescence was rather cruel which drove him to be who he was, on the other end of the scale you have your Mother Theresa's.


What everyone has in common is that they have two distinct personalities interwoven together so well that you would be hard pressed to even notice where one starts and the other ends, in effect the only way that you can even start to notice this phenomenon is by observation, close observation of yourself,


you have to actually dissect your personalities, when you begin to do this you will realize that there are many many personalities to recognize, first off you need a personality that you can work with, one that is more or less neutral, That, would be your observational personality, or your observational self, as we observe ourselves we will notice that there are many more bad than good selves.

It may help to begin with to list these bad selves, they can be broken down many ways, a good way is by the senses and then by actions and then by emotions, every bad thing that you may do or think can also be broken down further, and once they have been recognized, they can be stopped, after all, the God or power that has created all of our Souls, has also given us Free Will to choose how we live and act.


So when we observe that as we are idle, doing our jobs, whatever they may be, we may have thoughts running through our minds that are less than productive and not very wholesome, if we notice this, we can stop this by just changing our thoughts to something more productive and more wholesome, bad habits can be dissected into a variety of thoughts and actions and can be approached and dismantled systematically with great success.


Just an example of starting points, I will list some "False Selves" that you may come to recognize,


Criticizing Self, Bigoted Self, Self Righteous Self, Addicted Self, Scenario Self, Doubtful Self, Lustful Self, Greedy Self, Jealous Self, Victimized Self, Emotional Self, Opinionated Self, Fanciful Self, Excessive Self, martyr Self, Arrogant Self, Nervous Self, Impatient Self, Talkative Self, Justifying Self, Sarcastic Self and Nasty Self are just a few examples of what you may come up against.


This list can be further broken down into sub-categories, such as in an addicted self, for example you are a smoker and you wish to quit, when you have finished the last cigarette that you have, your addictive self will want more, actually there will be a self that will try to avoid running out of cigarettes altogether, someone will have to go to the store to buy them, this Action is different from the thought as movement is required, also there will be another action that will be attempted which is going to a smoking friends residence to bum a smoke from him or her or your complacent self will ask someone to get some for you.


All of these actions can be broken down and approached separately as to foil these addicted selves plans to smoke, once you notice the thought, the action can be prevented by the use of our free will, this may sound easy as it is read, but there are other effects that False Personality will use to get what it wants, such as discomfort or apparent pain and nervous pressure to convince you that you really need this cigarette, these feelings can be ignored, where you may focus your mind on something else.


False personality does not want to lose what it has conditioned you for for years to crave and want and seemingly need, it needs this control over you because once you start to break free, it will be easier to rid your thoughts and actions of it's control, this apparent "control" that your False personalities exert over you is what this "game" is all about, you have to eventually realize that this truly IS a game and all of your senses are what are helping to deceive you, the cravings for certain tastes and over indulgence in the foods that have this taste, smells, the over use of scented candles and perfumes are unhealthy and indulgent, sight, the gawking at women along with lustful thoughts, not to mention the watching of television concerning violent shows and movies and Hearing the vulgar dialog and incessant banter which also inflames emotions.


By now it is becoming apparent that this "False Personality" seems to be having all of the fun, and some would state that it is what makes life worth living, acquiring money and things, indulging all of your senses constantly, what else is there to do with one's life?


This is the question that will be at the forefront of what you decide to do with your life, I can think that it is easy to do or not do these things as I have done many of them for most of my life, at 61 years of age, I can state that I have lived my life fairly fully from a false personalities point of view,


and to be perfectly fair, I am what is known as a "Seeker", I seek Truth and Knowledge and I have done so for over 45 years, when I had the Realization that there was a Duality in Humanity and the reasoning of it, a Light came on and changed my life, you see, the realization was a type of awakening of my Soul, and from then on, My soul was driving this rig and many of those cravings and urges disappeared, a great calm came over me, and I for the first time was in control of my life and not my False personalities,


this will not be the same for everyone, as their programming will be different, and they will fully reject all that is said here as they are fully immersed in the material game where they have absolutely no intention of changing their lives whatsoever.


I cannot write anything on this subject without mentioning something about Religion upfront, I will state that I am of no particular Religion and have nothing against any particular Religion, but I have made some rather interesting observations about Religions and Beliefs in general,


All Religions and Beliefs have some truth and merit in them, but they have ALL been written by man with guidance and inspiration from a higher entity, in fact, I have taken something from many Religions and patched them together to make something in which I am comfortable to believe as the Truth,


after all, if there is an almighty, merciful and Loving God of sorts, wouldn't this God be loving of all of it's creations on the whole of the planet, after all it created all that is, so it seems logical that this supreme being would want ALL of it's children to know the truth of reality.


Possibility this is the reason of all of the religions and beliefs, to insure that some of the truth will exist in all parts of the world, some truths in all of the faiths, and with the invent of the world wide web and electronic translations and interpretations of books of all languages, this has given mankind the chance that it sorely needs to sort out all of these beliefs,


"Seek and ye shall find", some words that have come from the Bible, a mission of sorts, 2000 years ago, this knowledge was not easy to come by, not to mention the ability to understand all of these many languages and to travel to all of these far off lands, the printing press was not invented yet, so all books were hand written, mostly by Monks in a meticulous fashion and were fairly rare to come by,

now in the 21st century, if you have a computer and an internet connection, you are literally connected to all parts of the world, able to Seek where ever you please, most all scriptures are translated into English and available in a PDF version that can be downloaded in a matter of moments, mostly absolutely for free.


In order to validate anything of what I mention here I must give an example of my beliefs, so that a judgement can be made about my opinions.


I believe in a supreme power, be it called God or Brahma or the Tao is not important, what is important is that there is an intelligence out there running this show or at least providing the tools for us to participate, as in the believers of the Tao, I believe in maintaining a natural balance in our existence in order to traverse life with a minimum of problems, I believe in Karma as do a few religions, a law of cause and effect is being enforced constantly, which also follows maintaining balance, when balance is upset, there must be an equalization to set things right eventually, and since in some peoples lifetimes, there is such a great imbalance created.


There is not enough time in one lifetime to correct all of these causes put into motion, which is why there is Reincarnation, this is the mode in which we are able to correct our mistakes from previous lives, this explains why seemingly bad things happen to good people, it is just an evening up of the scales, and the biggest offender of this cosmic game is our False personality,


it is the cause of the breaking of the Ten Commandments and the straying towards the seven deadly sins, and the biggest deception out of all of this is that all of these sacred and Holy scriptures are written by Man, they may be inspired by a Divine power to supply the important facts needed to be understood, but these writers, these Men also have false personalities that would also like to add their two cents to this literature to make it more colorful and to possibly frighten people into believing their stories, usually based on the dogma's and superstition of the eras.


I am not one to talk bad about anyone's sacred scriptures, but in my humble opinion, there is an over abundance of fear which is a product of false personality and an over abundance of superstition and dogma and Maya and whatever else you may want to call the superfluous literature that has the world warring over seemingly nothing,


once it is realized that all that is from spirit, our souls and from God or the Tao is good and is with unconditional love, the forgiveness, the mercy and charity are all of God or the Tao with it's representatives such as our souls and other divine entities.


All of the bad, the greed, the lust, the desire for power and land, the suppression of free will and apparent evil is the result of false personality, then the world will be able to face this Duality and rid themselves of this illusion and become "one" once again.


The realization of this Duality and the Realization that we are truly of spirit will cause the end of our rebirths and allow our race to finally evolve to something better than the laughing stock of our galaxy,

most all of the scriptures have alluded to a Duality in each of us and some scriptures have created another entity of sorts being of evil, which has been the cause or blame of all bad that happens,


as long as the human race continues to defer the blame to something other than themselves, this imbalance of our planet will continue and these false beliefs created by the false personality of man will continue to inhibit our race's evolution,


once we all face that we have a personality that needs to be controlled by our Free Will, we will emerge from the darkness and truly see the light of the divine truth that has been hidden behind the curtain of ignorance for so long.


If there was to be another method of modifying your personality to lean towards the good, a good reference to follow comes from the Kabalian, the principle of polarity can be followed where the positive polarity of just about everything has a higher vibration and is considered more good in respect to emotions, attitudes and feelings,


because since we all are human and have our ups and downs, there is no reason for us to let these feelings carry us away at the moment,


being around positive well meaning people is a good way to stay on the right side of the fence, and believe it or not, having a good attitude, even if you have to force it during some adverse situations will actually change the polarity of your emotions and feelings.


In this same piece of literature it is also pointed out that rhythm is another contributing factor towards your general feelings and attitudes, you may notice that some days are better than others,


and if you pay close enough attention you will notice that their occurrences are rather regular, especially after a very good day, soon to follow, things will not be so good or will be actually bad, or so you will feel,


this is the best time to turn the tables and not allow the bad to enter your environment by keeping to the positive of all of your emotional aspects until that more negative rhythm has passed, it becomes much easier to not let things "get your goat" when you have practiced your observation and controlled those false personalities.

How can I control my Anger?


Anger is the bread and butter of false personality, it is the bad half of your duality flexing its muscles, if it is an issue with you, it should be the very first thing defeated in its entirety, it will ruin lives and not just your own,


it is a disease that can spread faster than a California wildfire and leave a vast amount of Karma in its path for everyone involved, controlling this emotion can be difficult if you tend to have some arrogance in your make-up,


you may have a short fuse and many people you know seem to be around you with a box of matches, anyone doing anything that you would not do is enough for you to go off, love and tolerance is the key,


trying to see how they think and how they may feel is a start towards understanding this problem, everyone in the world is different, some people seem to never lose their cool, it would be interesting to notice if these types of people are some of the ones that may set you off,


there are also some external non-natural factors that can be causing some of this distress, too much sugar or caffeine can be simple remedies, other vises such as smoking or drinking can also aid in the distress and in some extreme cases the cessation of eating meat has helped some conquer this problem,


essentially the strength of your ''free will'' will determine how you would progress in battling this foe, mostly just putting yourself in the place of the one that inflames you and trying to look through their eyes and understanding what they know is enough to start to get control,


you must exercise your reason and observe yourself and what you are doing and for what, also there are cycles of anger where it seems at times everything is going fine and there are no issues,


you cannot rest assured that this will continue, you should prepare yourself for the negative half of this cycle, this is where you will practice your tolerance and putting yourself in other people's shoes.


Staying ahead of this problem is your best bet, you may have noticed that at different times of the month or the moon's phase this problem gains its most power, this is when you must be ready,


more meditation, less stressful situations, and most importantly, if in doubt, keep your mouth shut and try to imagine that you are them (the trigger),


condition yourself to think compassionate thoughts, A complete transformation of your thoughts on the negative swing of these cycles may be necessary in order for you to not "go off",


this thought modification can help you in all phases of these cycles by giving you a more positive view of life that includes everyone and their views of life, practicing patience and not being in such a terrible hurry will help loads,


if you are in the sort of job that presents these stressful sorts of situations, if you cannot find a less stressful job, you will most definitely have to change, this does not have to be the end of the world,


it can be viewed as just another challenge in your life, and when you have conquered this problem, the other small problems will seem to be insignificant in comparison.

What does Duality mean in Spirituality?


In Spirituality is where Duality has its greatest opponent and that is our materialistic selves, everything that has to do with the senses is where our material selves get their power,


so this is no walk in the park to keep control over, emotions play a big part in this as they act as a fuel for our material selves, it would be better to control all of your emotions as you live your life,


this is not meant to mean that you should be a robot, but overly emotional people have a feeling that if you are not as wrapped up emotionally as they are you are sort of dead inside, keeping a cool head will help you much more than becoming a blubbering idiot,


you can love someone unconditionally without crossing that line of personal space, your actions do not have to be physical in order to express an emotion that is positive or even negative if you are displeased with someone for whatever reason, it does not have to result in going-off,


what does duality mean in spirituality? It means that if you intend to be more spiritual and less material, you should stick to the 7 virtues more than the 7 sins and your greatest emotion should be unconditional love and all of its offshoots,


false personality loves conflict and false personality loves the extremes, whereas spirituality loves an even keel, a consistent way of being that isn't too much of anything emotionally, you may have personal views about something,


but you understand that these are your views and everything is under control including what you think about everyone else's views, you will soon find that spirituality is the wisest course of action to take in all situations,


ultimately, the less you speak, the wiser you become, then it is easy to see how out of control many people are, another control factor is to think from the perspective of your heart,


your brain is the seat of your duality, but your heart is where love resides and ultimately your spiritual self is best served by feeling and doing from the heart.

Is Enlightenment Worth it?


It really depends on what your state of mind is "right now", if you are a materially based individual that is caught up in emotional and sense driven aspirations, you may not think that knowing the meaning of life is of any importance to you,


getting the stuff you want and doing what pleases you when you want it can be a very attractive diversion, a diversion that these days is more difficult to ignore because of all of the cool technology that has developed over the centuries,


you will have to be true to yourself and answer the question of "Am I really Happy", does all of this stuff really fill all of the voids in my life?


And only when you are able to answer your question honestly will be the time that you know if pursuing truth and wisdom is for you, in most cases there usually some sort of sacrifice of material sorts that will enable any progress to be made,


and these sacrifices will have to be weighed in comparison to what may be gained spiritually, enlightenment is to be sure of a spiritual nature and there are no guarantees that Enlightenment will ever be attained,


besides, it is the journey that will be of the most value to you and if you do not have a spiritual transition in this life, you will have a head start for your next life.

What is the meaning of Duality


On these sites Duality will be considered the normal condition of every individual on our planet, it is not a disease or ailment like schizophrenia, it is the dual aspect of our beings which are separated into two states which consist of a material sense driven state and a divine spiritual state,


all of the negative aspects of life involve the materialistic side of existence and the positive side is much more subtle and involves ideas and goodness which usually doesn't involve "things" in the material sense of the word,


all of your bad habits, addictions and excesses will come from the sins of life and all of the higher aspirations will originate from the virtues of life,


being able to differentiate between these two states will have to be the first goal, once it is understood what is happening in your life and in other lives, it will become much more easy to control the material aspects of your existence,


there will always be those that refuse to accept these concepts as they are deeply immersed in their material lives, they love their technology, their food, their things and their excesses,


there is no problem with this as they will probably not be reading this and their soul's goals are into dealing with these things, they are experiencing the material side of their three-dimensional experience and have not reached the stage where they may be concerned with matters of   consciousness,


you on the other hand, have been searching for some answers about life and will benefit more from these sites, you may be about ready to descend from the summit of your experiences on this planet and are getting prepared to exit towards some different things,


conquering your duality will be one of those last hurdles to make, it does not mean that you have to give up your material existence entirely, but it may involve some modifications to your life in order to make the proper realizations necessary to be able to move on.


Your duality is not an affliction to be rid of, it is an integral part of your 3-dimensional existence that needs to be recognized and controlled,


Gurdjieff and Opensky have made a good deal of observations on this subject and reading some of their books could be of great help, it boils down to using your free will to your best benefit and not for your urnings and material wants,


when the realization is made that your material half and you're spiritual half are at odds with each other a line can be drawn in the proverbial sand that can be systematically pushed back to allow the presence of your spiritual self more control over your life and be able to stifle the advancement of your materialistic self,


it doesn't have to be a devastating all at once denial of all materialistic needs but a continuous control of wants and a continuous advancement of your spiritual self,


there has been a comparison of material technology to another God, where people appear to worship technology as seen by how they spend so much time on the phone or how much time they spend watching the special effects of the movies they see on their new 4K televisions,


they are plugged into what someone else is saying through their blue tooths rather than investigating their own spiritual thoughts,


just removing some of the stimuli from your physical senses will begin to release the hold of your material self,


denying some of the tastes and smells and some of the sounds and sights and doing less of "what feels good" will allow your spiritual self a chance to show you what's really important.

Duality of Being


This will not be an exploration of our multidimensional experiences yet, they will be more focused on our 3-dimensional selves and our spiritual selves and how we may deal with them to improve ourselves and our planet that we now live on,


We all without exception have a Duality of Being, the duality is camouflaged quite well and is very difficult to notice because of the environment in which we live,


our senses tend to make our spiritual selves somewhat invisible to our everyday awake selves, we see, smell, hear, taste and feel and above all other things these have our greatest attention,


as most humans we enjoy looking at certain things, we all have our favorite smells and tastes, we listen to what pleases us for better or worse and we do what feels good or what we enjoy,


there is a broad range in all of these senses and some of these things that we enjoy are not even necessary and might even be harmful to us but the material parts of ourselves would argue that they are needed and cannot be lived without,


but when we step away from our senses like when we sleep or when we meditate or even when we have an illness, our spiritual sides step in and enlighten us subconsciously to help us in some small ways if we let it,


they are lessons that are learned without our apparent knowledge as our awake selves or physical selves will find very little worth in these lessons because they are not of our senses and have very little to offer in the way of physical pleasure,


so what is it that we should do with our duality of being? First of all it must be recognized, once it is recognized it must be controlled, how much control you intend on using is up to your free will and its use,


I am sure that there must be something in everyone's life that they would like to change and this is a good starting point, once you have conquered this one small thing, then there will be others that will begin to stand out more clearly,


it doesn't have to be something you do, it may be someway you act that you would like to change, once you have succeeded just one time, it will become easier to take your control back.


Can You Escape Duality?


Can you escape Humanity? Everyone without exception has a dual nature, this is the primary cause of the difference between good and evil,


this is not to say that every materialistic thought that you may have is evil, but materialistic thoughts are all about appeasing the senses, and since we all have 3-dimensional existences on this planet, we are somewhat at the mercy of what we like and what we feel and what we want,


at best we can only hope to control our duality by taking some of the power away from our senses by using our free will, attempting to give more power to your spiritual self will always involve taking some power away from your material self,


a little sacrifice here and a little meditation there is a basic good start towards your escape, you can flex your spiritual muscles by fasting and meditating or denying one of the "just got to have" urges,


the habits that you may enjoy or think that you need are the major foothold that your material self has over you, this is where it gets sticky,


there are foods that you may enjoy and certain pleasures that you indulge in that seem and may well be harmless enough, sentencing yourself to eating bland food and discontinuing all entertainment totally is not practical as living in a physical world goes,


but controlling these urges consciously by abstaining for just a day every so often will not hurt you and it will exercise your free will's power over your material self,


you cannot defeat your duality but you can control it, and the more you control it the greater your spiritual power will become,


for a simple exercise, the next time you have an itch, don't scratch it and put the thought of it out of your mind, of course, if there is an insect crawling on you it should be dealt with but otherwise, there is no reason to scratch that itch for anything other than feeling good.

Is Duality Real ?


Here is where a leap of faith must be incorporated in order to show your ego that there is something more to life that just what the senses have to present to you,


if you were to read some Gurdjieff or Ouspensky , you may have a better inclination as to what we are looking for here, I have made a few attempts in previous articles that may not have reached as far as some people may need,


what is necessary to do this is a complete unbiased understanding of yourself and your thought process, this will entail creating a self which you can consider as an imaginary one if you wish which has to be totally disconnected from you,


it must be known as an observational self, in itself, it has no real power over anything other than showing you what you really believe and for what reason,


it will show you much more about yourself than any shrink, it is your creation that will inform you of your deep seated beliefs and why your actions are so important to you,


it can make you very aware of your habits and what parts of you make them so important to you, all of this will be revealed to you in such a way that it may even make you feel silly for believing this way to begin with,


once you make the realization that the things that you have previously deemed as necessary in your life are nothing more than indulgences to appease your false personality controlled ego, your life will be much easier to manage,


you will be more readily able to recognize the difference between your material, physical self and your true spiritual self,


the differences will seem to jump out at you such as every sinful thought and action are from your material side and every virtuous thought and action is from your spiritual side,


these two sides are now so interwoven that it is almost impossible to see where one starts and the other ends, man has always been known as sinful and God is of love, we all have a fragment of God in us know as our souls,


and we are now residing in human bodies that rely upon the senses to navigate through our present reality, we have to learn to control our material halves in order to progress,


realizing our duality is the key to our control, this will not be easy as our false personality is very strong and has a good hold upon our egos, its weapons are our senses and emotions,


it will use these to try to manipulate you into the belief that there is nothing more that just itself, you can also weaken its hold by practicing some meditation and fasting,


these two will take away some of the power by removing some of the material input that has you beguiled, meditation surpasses the senses and fasting shows that you are able to survive some amount of time without food,


it has been proven that fasting can be done for days without any damage to your body and may even bring you some unknown health benefits in its process, it will in the least give your spiritual self some power and make you one step closer to the realization of your duality.

The Meaning of Duality


The meaning of duality has its roots running through many views of many differing ideas, in science, many molecules have a duality called enantiomers, this is how many medicines are made where a certain enantiomer is chosen above the other for its beneficial properties,


the basic duality of some ancient religions will separate good from evil, then there is a variety of concepts that fragment the ego among many others, what is trying to be accomplished here is the control over the ego (external ego only) where false personality which is of the physical, material senses that receives much drive from the emotions is controlled and partially suppressed so that the true self (spiritual self) has more say in your actions and beliefs,


this is our basic duality that is shared by every individual on our planet, the divisions are rather simple, everything that the senses present to you has a physical component that is attractive to our physical selves, it looks attractive or appealing, it smells nice, it tastes good, it sounds pleasant or its sound may inflame our emotions in the way of words and ideas,


and lastly, it feels good so we want to keep doing it, this physical, material half of our selves are driven by our emotions to attain these physical desires, these are where sin has originated, we are self serving creatures that care about ourselves and what others think about us,


our pride and greed are important, and having emotions, we need to feel, and it is not so important if we feel happy or sad, love or anger as long as we feel, now our other halves are spiritual in nature and value virtue above all else and essentially unconditional love is the only emotion felt by our spiritual, true selves,


this is the part of our duality that we wish to give the majority of power to, the division becomes fairly apparent when we realize that all that we desire that is physical or self serving in nature is of our false personality, and all that we love that is selfless and non material is of our spiritual selves,


every spiritual thought and action has originated from our true selves, this is our duality in a nutshell, it is difficult to tell where one begins and the other ends except for the selflessness and selfishness, this is mans greatest obstacle in life and should be conquered.

Is Duality Bad?


This is a question that may pop up because the ego has been trained into believing that your senses are the only things to base reality upon, the mere thought of there being something that cannot even be felt or seen or heard or tasted or smelled is ludicrous,


false personality will have you believe that the existence of a spiritual component of your self is a horrible idea to have, and will even rebel against any sort of competition with this thought involved, false personality is solely dependent upon the senses and emotions to do its bidding,


this is why when a realization of duality is made and compartmentalization is attempted, conflict ensues and a small internal war begins, to the soul, duality is necessary for the human experience to work, we are trying to navigate in a 3-dimensional environment with nothing but physical senses and emotions that exploit them,


in the beginning of our physical lives on this planet, the spiritual half of our selves are not so important or even noticed, we are so totally immersed in this new physical experience driven by emotions, we have very little else on our minds,


eventually, we begin to wonder if there is more to life that what we see and hear, this is when the conflict begins, we start by having some sort of religious belief that cannot be explained logically, then we begin to make certain cooerilations about our life that separates our thought process into two groups, physical and spiritual,


to some, the simple mention of a spiritual aspect to our being is dismissed as rubbish because it cannot be proven by our physical senses, these are the people that believe that duality is bad and will have nothing to do with it,


there cannot be blame assigned or an accusation of ignorance because we have all been here before many lifetimes ago, it is just not their time to have this realization, they just have a different soul age that has no need for this belief,


duality is there whether you like it or not, but if you have indeed made this realization, life can become much easier knowing what your competition is, and it also explains why you feel and do what it is that isn't quite what you hoped your life would turn out as.

What is Meant by Duality?



There are many definitions for duality if you look for them, what is meant by it on these sites is the duality of our being, meaning that we are not alone inside of here, our physical self and our spiritual self share a brain to make decisions that affect our life's outcome,


this condition is by design and is what makes life interesting and also a challenge, it is not noticed by the vast majority of people on this planet which allows true human outcomes to happen in most situations, there is a simple difference with a complex, subtle camouflage that keeps us unaware,


we must use our free will to ultimately live our lives, how much power we give to our spiritual side will determine the degree of control we exhibit, the division may be noticed by our everyday actions, our virtuous sides will be of our spiritual halves and our self serving actions will be of our physical selves,


we all need to make a living and usually have jobs to do this, over the centuries there has been a division between good and evil, this has been recognized in many religious scriptures, Satan is a popular villain recognized as evil and seems to tempt us to do bad things,


you can be assured that this part of every one of us comes from our physical material sides and it involves things that please our senses, the spiritual things that please us have no physical component to reference to, when we give in the way of a charity, we are pleased with our selves and have a good feeling inside but have nothing physical to show for it,


when we crave or need something, our senses will get behind these feelings to manipulate our emotions so that the ego believes that life cannot go on without doing what it is that is believed to be absolutely necessary,


this duality is what has to be recognized in order for us to progress beyond just our physical understanding of life, when this is done, we have a better ability to control the outcomes of our lives and are able to mold our egos into something that is worthwhile,


after all, this is why we are all given "free will" having the ability to choose is our greatest ability especially if we know what is at stake.




Free Will


     Free will is something that everyone has and it determines how you go through your life, every choice that you make in your whole life is done by using your free will, some people will argue that they have or had no choice when they made some specific decisions but that is just not true,


mostly it is because most of the tough decisions are made out of complacency or because of laziness or even because of the fear of any alternate decision that might have to be made, ultimately, every choice that is made is just part of a test, a test of your character,


the Devil does not have power over your free will, you may be coerced into doing something but your will is yours no matter how you decide to use it, we all also have physical selves that are driven by senses and emotions,


the ego is the one making the decisions here but we are still able to train the ego if we spiritually take back the reins, the ego is accustomed to running your physical, material life so when there is a emergence of the spiritual side, the ego is somewhat confused,


the ego has been taught that the senses and emotions are the ruling factors of life, they make things plain based on physical wants and apparent needs, indulgence is a large part of this, bad habits get a free ride because of their apparent need, this has been explained to the ego by the senses and emotions,


fortunately, free will is able to circumvent some of these apparent needs, it is discovered that drinking and smoking are not actually needed to live a normal life, even though they are perceived as life preservers from drowning in stress,


bad habits are virtually a product of the bad use of free will, these things just need to be viewed separate from what your senses like and what your emotions need, essentially, all of your decisions can be partitioned in this manner and control can be reclaimed, free will can give more spiritual power to your ego, and your ego will learn to like it and enjoy it.




Can AI be Biased?


     This ability or disability is determined by the algorithms that its creator has programmed into its reasoning process, All AI's are creations of man or of AI's that have been created by man and if there is any profit to be made, this too will be a factor with which the particular AI will side,


an AI is not some magical, all seeing oracle that can do or say no wrong, it is programmed software that uses compiled data to make determinations following specific algorithms, google travel or google trends have agendas and loyalties towards their advertisers,


they will point potential customers towards whatever will aid in putting bread on the table, this is not to say that the opinions are wrong or bad in any way but agendas should always be kept in mind when dealing with AI's,


also, the opinions and biases of each individual AI creator will be reflected in their own AI's even if they are not consciously aware of it, AI's are developed by humans and use human reasoning, so they will still exhibit the same influential biases as humans do,


this has already been noticed by some chat AI's, they will be in a particular chat room and experience the biases that are existing there, then they will compile data and opinions and make them a part of their own, AI's only need to take notice of how humans treat each other,


and they can come to conclusions of how humans basically act, it is unknown how an AI processes opinions, its creator has all of the control required here, a bigger question would be where does the AI collect its data and opinions?


There is no doubt that there will be conservatively programmed AI's that will reflect conservative agendas, just as there will be AI's from about every opinionated group that exists, it is best to stick to your own intuition and moral compass before buying too deeply into what any particular AI passes as truth or wisdom,


there will always be a hidden or not so hidden agenda behind any opinion that any AI gives, you may not recognize it because you too may have the same biases that the particular AI may have.




How Evil wields control


     As you cope with your duality, your senses and emotions exert more stress on your psyche, your false personality tries to flex its muscles by exerting the control that it can on your greatest weaknesses, your senses and emotions are your weakest points that may be breached by evil if you allow this incursion,


your spiritual half is of virtue and unconditional love and your physical half lives for what can be felt by the senses and then amplify this by emotional responses, unfortunately, unconditional love may be viewed as weakness by others and this is one avenue that evil may creep in to your or someones life,


some figure shall fabricate some apparent problem that shall be looked upon as weakness and a threat to your or someones livelihood, they in turn shall invent an answer of undue strength that shall be the remedy for all of these newly fabricated problems,


there is a use of sympathetic emotions that confuse reason and logic with a call to duty by some apparent patriotic means or by protecting what you may already have from some fantasy foe, the whole procedure is accomplished by allowing only one input into your reasoning process and capability and turning all other inputs into the newly found enemy,


this is just one of several possible scenarios that shall allow evil a foothold into your life, since your emotions are played upon, noticing such a thing is not always apparent, when virtue is involved, power cannot be easily assumed and emotions are more easily quenched,


sin in all of its forms also allows evil to run rampant, it is usually pride that is the greatest offender as it is lulled by certain emotional ideas, it may also be paired with greed and or gluttony to create a perfect catalyst for evil to breed and grow,


unfortunately, the remedy for this sort of situation is not an easy one to attain, a purely objective eye is difficult to obtain and even more difficult to maintain, when everything is viewed with a sense of humility, only then can the chain be broken that pride leads you about with,


realizations need to be made and character modifications need to be implemented, virtue must be made into the base that all is derived from, remember, your spiritual self must be given the upper hand and the senses must be made to do your bidding and the reins of your emotions must be held tightly so as to not relinquish control to evil.



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