A website about being a good human being

     This site has been initially created to give all individuals the ability to be GOOD people, it doesn't necessarily require anyone to believe in God or any of the aspects of any type of religion, even though a majority of this site will include "faith" in some things that cannot be proven scientifically as of yet, so, any Atheists may find some worth on this site and Agnostics will be given enough compelling information to be able to tilt them somewhat towards the spiritual side.


     Religiously inclined people will be given some things to think about regarding their beliefs. I will in no way denigrate anyone's religious beliefs as I believe they are as important as anyone else s, but I will take the wisdom from the many religions and weave together a fabric of love and truth to create a tapestry of wisdom and peace that will be easy to follow.


Additionally, there will be no place for comments at this point in time, I have much information that is to be dispersed among 12 sites in a manner that will allow those sites to be noticed more readily,


so over the next few months, more content will be added weekly, and links to sites that will give pertinent information to what is trying to be explained, eventually there will be a comment section for those that wish to give their opinions and to ask questions.


The information being covered shall encompass Meditation and Meditation Techniques to enable you to be able to understand what is being presented easier, a section on Superstition shall help control the effects of False personality on people and  their lives,


and also a section on Duality to explain its effects on you and your spiritual life.


This website is not about me, but what I have learned in my 62 years of life, you can call me Cousin Lance if you need to call me something, I have recently had an enlightening experience and would like to share what I have learned.


I do not have any credentials nor will I claim to be an expert in anything, I am a normal average human being that has had something different happen to him.


Everything on these sites for your consideration and is not set in stone, we all have free will to believe what we want, everyone's experience through life is different and these sites convey my views


All of these sites are based on Peace and Love and how our civilization can take advantage of these with tolerance towards each other. 


I am what is called a Seeker and have been seeking truth for most of my life, the sites below are also mine with similar information to enlighten....Enjoy!







A website about being a good human being



If you are not the religious sort and prayer is not your thing, there still is something that you can do to improve yourself that isn't so out there to make you have to believe something that can't be proven,


meditation clears the mind and enables you to focus and delve deeper into your own psyche, it helps you relax and gives you insight into being more successful in all aspects of your life, even if you are religious, it isn't something that would open you up to evil, it is a proven way to explore your own sub-conscience to resolve problems and expand your horizons,


if done properly, and often, it can also change aspects of your personality to enable you to be a better person, it can help heal what ales you and give you insights into things that normally you would never realize, I use it to work out complex problems that normally would confound me, it guides me to a healthier life and answers questions before I even ask them.


If you are planning to only live in the here and now, and this life is going to be the only one you are going to ever live, this practice can help you immensely, it can be like having another brain working for you while you sleep and even sometimes while you are awake, mostly it consists of relaxing completely, concentrating on your breathing and nothing else.


There are many techniques that can be followed, and I suggest that you try a few before you decide to stick with one, the mind is a highly under utilized wonder that has developed every cool thing on this planet and you can tap into its power to help you in most every aspect of your life.


Meditation can help you no matter what your beliefs are, it can most definitely help you explore the unknown, positive results are proven and documented over the centuries, it is a first step in changing the way you are, it leads to self-hypnosis which can program your mind into being the exact person you want to be,


I say self-hypnosis for a few reasons, first, which is my biggest concern and that is I don't want anyone else in my mind besides me, my first self-hypnosis sessions were used to ensure this, where now I cannot be hypnotized by anyone other than myself, my second concern was that I wouldn't be able to afford having to go to someone every time I wanted to change something about myself and third, it is much more convenient to be able to hypnotize yourself anytime you please.


With a combination of both of these practices, you will be able to delve deep into your psyche, if you are one that has broad beliefs and wishes to develop some extrasensory abilities, this is an excellent practice.


I find that mental exercises such as these will work better if your body has somewhat better than good health, a good regular exercise regimen, helps with clarity of thought, it gives you a purpose,


now there is a slight variation to this if you believe in God or not, as prayer gives you another way to help tackle problems that ordinarily could not be handled otherwise, try to keep your negative thoughts somewhat repairable and try not to dwell on stuff out of your control.


For those of you that will be using meditation to contact your "true self", one thing that has eluded many after trying for years and years without success is quite simple and easily over looked, I had these problems also where it just seemed that no matter how hard I tried, again and again, I just couldn't get where I wanted to be,


it was my diet, or to be more exact it was when I meditated, If I thought that I could meditate after dinner, I was wrong, The meal I just had was using the blood in my body to digest it, and it made my mind sluggish,


and if I thought that I would meditate just before I went to sleep, this didn't work out as I planned also, because more often than not I would just fall asleep. Meditation, although used to relax, must be done with great attention,


you really need to be awake and alert and not bogged down with a meal, this is why some people find meditation more effective when done in the morning, before you have had breakfast, but are awake enough to not still be groggy.


Buddha has suggested that a two meal day would make for a healthy life, where you would have breakfast and your second meal at noontime, this would be your last for the day, this would give your stomach plenty of time to digest your food and keep your mind clear for meditation in the evening,


now there are those lucky ones that can meditate almost anytime and anywhere after anything they wanted to eat was eaten, well good for them!, if you are getting up in the years, your metabolism is probably changing and your eating habits are also changing, never the less, meditation as a daily routine is very good for self realization and enlightenment.


As for positions to be in when you meditate, there are many to try, I do not think it would be bad to try as many as possible until you are comfortable with your results, basically, keeping your spine straight is the first priority,


whether you sit cross-legged, half lotus or full lotus position, will have to be tried to tell what works best for you, it may be quite difficult to get into a full lotus position if you are not used to this or are getting up in the years, probably starting with the half lotus position until your legs and hips are use to the strain is a more wise idea,


although it seems that most of the adepts and Guru's in India prefer the full lotus position, even just sitting in a chair with your back straight has proven to be good for many people, I would not recommend laying down unless you are wide awake or you may just fall asleep.


The amount of time suggested for doing this would be at least 30 minutes, if you are also doing concentration exercises, I would split it up with the meditation as it is also a form of meditation.


The best results I have obtained was with deep breathing and focusing on one specific point, I like to focus on my third eye (my pineal gland), it looks like a small pine cone, I just picture it in detail,


I do not describe it to my self, use no thought words only the picture and nothing else, a prerequisite to this might be relaxing your entire body starting with your feet and working to the top of your head relaxing every portion one by one, soon you will be on your little meditation trip.


Now, Meditation does not have to be the horribly hard practice that has to be practiced daily for years before insight into your true self (soul) is attained, it can also be a conduit into the universal consciousness,


it can be used to convey love, peace and kindness into the world where it is sorely needed. Be it called prayer or meditation, the result is the same, the increased vibration of good thoughts being sent to the world is a good thing and makes you feel good also,


It has been proven on many levels that this type of activity is beneficial to mankind, let alone to yourself.


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A Point of Focus...

  Meditation Techniques


When it comes to meditation, there are a few things that I strive for and there are some preparatory measures that I take, this may not be necessary in all cases, but in my case I have certain distractions or problems that seem to interfere with my concentration, first off, I like to meditate first thing in the morning, before breakfast or any food is taken, I will have had the last food of the previous day eating before 7 PM, I like to allow at least a 12 hour fast before any such activity is attempted due to the digestion process gets my false personality fueled for chaos.


Now this does not mean that you are limited to only mornings, evenings can and do work for many, just be sure you are not very tired as you don't just want to go to sleep.


A morning meditation has also worked for me because at the time of this writing I had a day job and it gave me a great start to the day, during the work week I would only meditate for 30 minutes, I would set a muffled timer ( as not to shock me) and start my meditation, on weekends I would set my timer to 1 hour.

Since I find it impossible to think of absolutely nothing, I use usually one of a few techniques for the entire session, this is done to also help my concentration, I don't want to be all over the place, I suggest not switching techniques in the middle of a session and to try all of these techniques for at least a week each to get a better Idea what works for you, eventually you will find it beneficial to rotate these techniques as they will prove to be different doors to the same room which you will wish to have access to.


There is the technique of being in the here and now, it is important to not talk to yourself aloud or silently, do not spell out words or even think of them, rather just close your eyes and listen, listen for every sound that exists at that very moment and picture what is making that sound, be careful to not explain to your self what is making that sound, only picture it, and as a new sound arises, change your attention to that, a refrigerator compressor starting, air conditioner cycling, a dog barking, a jet flying overhead, a truck or car or motorcycle going down the street, birds singing etc, do nothing more than picture this in your mind without explanation or internal discussion, no judgement or questions why or how, no scenarios, no analyzing only visualize the sound.


You could possibly expound on this by picturing a certain style of truck or see the passengers in the plane or notice how the dog looks, (especially if you know). These sounds can also be coming from you as the sound of blood pounding in your head or hissing or buzzing in your ears or even your stomach growling, as a new sound appears, change your attention focus to that, I will usually pick the loudest sound at the time.


There is also a technique of saying a mantra, which is used in transcendental meditation, either softly aloud or silently to yourself, I personally have more success with saying it aloud as my mind likes to multitask and I find myself thinking about something as I chant the mantra in my mind, if it is aloud, that seems to be enough distraction to keep me from thinking about anything other than the mantra, since the mantra is usually composed of words or spoken sounds, this opens the door for false personality to enter and add it's two cents worth of concern or opinion, the mantra can be essentially anything, probably the shorter the better, OM is a classic, the Hare Krishna chant would be the longest I would attempt as I would fall deeper in my meditative state, I would realize that I have missed portions of the chant, this is not bad, but a short, less complex chant may avoid these problems, the only thing that should be going through your mind should be the chant.


In "I am in all, All is in me" you might picture your energy penetrating everything around you and everything's energy is going through you, be sure to not distract yourself with explanations of the chant, no words other than the chant should be going through your mind.


Sometimes I would try to use breathing only as my focus of concentration, either alone or in concurrence with a chant, I would picture the atoms of the atmosphere going in and out of my lungs or in the case of a silent chant, I might inhale while thinking Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna and exhale while thinking Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, then Hare Rama, Hare Rama on the inhale and Rama Rama, Hare Hare on the exhale, the purpose of all of this is to keep your mind under control with a simple task and to keep any erroneous thoughts from invading.


Another non word type of meditation would be to concentrate on one simple thing, just picture it in your mind without any analysis or explanation, only visualization, one of my favorites is a pine cone, I would picture it open or closed, upside down as it hanks from a tree or pointy side up as it may sit on the ground, I explore every intricate detail of it, from every angle sometimes picturing it young with seeds in it and still green, this can be done with any object, a cross, a candle flame, usually I choose something that is either natural or has a spiritual importance, is careful to not describe it to yourself, use no words in your thoughts, only imagery alone.


Combinations of the techniques can also help especially when you are getting used to the routine of daily meditation, regular deep breathing along with a chant, along with the single image that is the center of your focus.


The most important thing to remember is to keep total control of the situation, if you are one that has trouble with controlling your wandering mind, you may try to focus on a specific thing that is spiritual, exploring it's every facet, in this case, it may be OK to mentally talk or explain to yourself about this belief or question that you ponder, by being able to juggle 3 different aspects of your mind in a controlled exercise of breath control, specific imagery and spiritual contemplation or chants and not think of how you are going to pay bills or what you are going to eat for breakfast or how you are going to attack your next project at work or even at home, you will be off to a great start to your meditation.


     There are many other techniques of meditation that can be realized by searching the internet, there are various methods of Yoga that help with that discipline, lastly, if there is an internal chatter wall blocking any sort of advancement towards your goal,


another technique known as mindfulness can be tried, it consists of letting the chaotic thoughts come into your head, acknowledge them and then release them or dismiss them and then continue to trying to think of nothing, eventually this will condition you to have much more control over your thoughts.


Another goal I will sometimes strive for is to "stop time", I know that I can't really stop time, but I can make it seem that it is not progressing, or even seem like it is in some sort of small loop,


as your mind runs open and thinks of thoughts or thinks of problems, a sense of time passes as you analyze the questions that you present to yourself, if you are saying a chant, it is repetitive and seemingly loops over and over,


the same can be said of your breathing, but when you visualize that single thing, it is like staring at a photo without thinking of anything, time appears to not be progressing and this is where you may have a good chance to approach the state of "oneness",


if during your endeavors, one of the actions that you are juggling stops and you find that you also are not thinking of anything, just go with the flow until you start thinking again, and then continue with your disciplines,


remember, your goal in all of this is NO GOAL, have no expectations except the quieting of your mind, if something cool happens, don't count on it happening again for a while.


As to positions, sitting is preferred to laying down. In a chair or on the floor with or without a pillow, your back should be straight and you should be comfortable, your hands can be on your lap, open, one inside of the other with thumbs touching, or if you wish they can be on your thighs palms down,


or even resting on your knees making the OK sign, most importantly you must be completely relaxed and not tense. If you insist on laying down, keep your eyes open and fixed on one spot or object, hands at your side with palms up, be relaxed completely and not tensed up.


When I first began meditation, I found that I would become rigid, my hands would grip each other or grip my legs, and some part of my body would tense up a few times in the duration of the meditation, everything seemed to bother me, my nose ran, I would sneeze, I found myself swallowing all of the time,


noises seemed to be endless (which is a good reason to start with the here and now technique), even my posture would shift as I have scoliosis, my head would shift, I had about every problem that could be thought of,


I even started to believe I was being tested as sometimes the cat would want to enter the room purring loudly and scratching, just keep your focus, but even though I had a rough start, I found that I was much more at peace and much more relaxed when I completed a session than otherwise.


When you start your meditation, you will find that relaxation will have to be checked often, be sure not to slouch, you will find yourself correcting your posture often,


after a few tries, it will become easier and more effective, sometimes extra pillows behind your back to ensure it is straight, or under your butt to either keep your legs perpendicular or for comfort reasons.


This will have to become a regular thing, as in daily, in order for any benefit to come from it, if you think that because you have not had any life-changing experience after doing this for a week or a month,


then you have the wrong attitude in this application, expect nothing to happen, you should at least become more relaxed, some Yogies have meditated for years before they reach a state that is truly enlightened,


any way that you look at this, it will be good practice for concentration training and to have the ability to relax effectively.


There will be times when you will not be able to do your meditation due to time constraints or something comes up or a violent storm ensues, whatever the reason,


it is not the end of the world, so don't let it rattle you, and it may even help somewhat to take a break once in a while.


Another Meditation Technique that I probably use the most is the working meditation, I usually do not consider this a meditation technique per se, but I find that I use it more than anything else as I am doing manual labor almost daily in the yard,


the distraction of the work combined with a song going through my head and a spiritual problem to work out makes for times of great lucidity and epiphanies, it can just be considered a different door to the same place I am seeking.

Meditation Object
Open and Closed Pine Cones for Meditation

Can Meditation lead to Enlightenment?


The quick answer to this question is a big YES, just ask any Yogi and you will be told the same, in India, this is what is mainly used in achieving enlightenment, In my case, however, meditation has proven to enable me to relax better,


and any enlightenment that I may have received doesn't appear to be directly related to my meditation practices, I have had some enlightening ideas when I have meditated, but I cannot say that it was the sole reason for any changes in my overall wisdom,


enlightenment is an ongoing process where all of the tools that are available should be used towards its attainment, now I cannot say for sure that I was not in a meditative process when an epiphany was achieved, but usually, it happened just as I was falling asleep,


it is true that it can take years before any enlightening thing may happen to someone and I am sure that it is different for every individual person, also limitations of time of meditations are another factor to consider,


it is quite common for Yogies and their students may go eight hours or more in a stretch of meditation, of course not everyone has the ability or ambition to meditate for such lengths of time, thirty minutes or an hour is all that I have contributed to this practice at a time,


sometimes my lack of sleep opens a door to enable me to meditate longer and I sometimes take advantage of this, there is great potential for enlightenment when you meditate, probably greater than any other single controlled action that you may do,


just as in yoga, it is a matter of control that has to be mastered in order for it to be the most beneficial in the search of enlightenment.








Religious Place


I will speak of only a few religions and beliefs, mostly the ones with the most followers and with the beliefs that will explain what I am trying to present to you, so do not be offended if your particular religion or belief is not presented here,


I am just trying to paint a picture for you, not a mural, eventually, there will be additions to include other beliefs that I have not included initially. I have not studied all of these religions into great detail,


I have studied what I would call the highlights or the core beliefs, I am attempting to take what I feel is the most significant parts of these religions and patch them together if you will, to create something which is a complete system of beliefs,


there will be, of course, details and rituals of that sort that I will fail to mention, the specific procedures of chants and times and means of specific prayers will be omitted, I feel that having true faith in what you believe to be fact does not need to be constantly repeated,


but the core beliefs and the moral ideas of "what is right" should be adhered to, this is in no way stopping someone to further explore a specific religion or belief and delve deeper into its specific customs.


I have created this patchwork of religions because I thought that any one religion or belief was lacking in my view of what I perceived to be the whole picture of what reality might be.


I will totally avoid specific times and beings as I feel that they are less important than the moral ideals presented here, as in Scientology, I am not going to specify the length of our existence as over 76 trillion years or that we are from the Thetans,


but I have no doubt if the Thetan's do exist, they were created by the one true God along with all that is at the beginning of time, the actual amount of years is less important than what God is trying to teach all of us,


this belief system is simple because there is no reason for meetings or procedures and cleansings except for the sake of some that feel it necessary to help them in their quest for the truth, the extreme complexity of certain religions have their place for certain people,


but I believe that God has given all of us the ability to tackle these problems on our own and just following the rules of a civilized race of people is enough of a challenge on its own.


I will start this exploration with beliefs from a book called the Quran or Koran as some would call it, this is a scripture that Muslims follow as their faith, this will be the most difficult for me as there are thousands of quotes that are violent in intention and meaning,


yet there are some beautiful, loving and hopeful ideas as well, the greatest difficulty is that there are so many inconsistencies in beliefs, but I am in no position to judge how over 1.6 billion people believe,


these are examples taken from web sites that I have visited and I include links to them, so they are not in my words, but they are significant.


Peace is the cornerstone

The word “Islam” is derived from the word meaning “peace” in Arabic. Islam is a religion revealed to mankind with the intention of presenting a peaceful life where the infinite compassion and mercy of God manifest on earth.


God calls all people to live by the moral values He sets so that compassion, mercy, peace, and love can be experienced all over the world.

“O You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace (Islam). Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan. He is an outright enemy to you.” (Holy Quran: 2, 208)


In the verse above, Islam intrinsically calls for peace and requires life in absolute sincerity and honesty before God. Therefore it is crucially important for an individual to believe in God with his own will and aspiration,


and observe God’s commands and advice through personal conscientious contentment, where following in the footsteps of Satan would be succumbing to false personality.


No one should be forced to believe in Islam

“There is no compulsion where the religion is concerned.” (Holy Quran: 2/ 256)

As stated in the verse, no one can be compelled to live by Islamic morals. Conveying the existence of God and the morals of the Qur’an to other people is a duty for believers,

but they call people to the path of God with kindness and love and they never force them.

It is only God Who guides people to the right way. This is related in the following verse:

“You cannot guide those you would like to but God guides those He wills. He has the best knowledge of the guided.” (Holy Quran/28: 56)

I would like to salute the majority of Muslims that are truly peaceful, as this can not be an easy task, the Muslims that cherish love and peace and tolerance and dismiss the killing, rape, and torture have made a difficult decision that may be condemned by others who live by specific parts of the Quran and other unapproved scriptures,

especially if you have lived in the Mideast and North Africa all of your life, they have dismissed the bad and have embraced the good in the Quran, these are true religious pioneers, as some of them have very little choice of their religion and have chosen the best parts of the Quran to live by,

if they were to try to learn about any other faith and were found out, it would surely be the death of some of them. This is what I wish to present for people to ponder, except I am going a step further by taking the wisdom and insights from other beliefs and adding them to my own.


As in the Quran, the Bible also has inconsistencies, but they are less important in intent and do not deviate from the core beliefs like I couldn't care less if Noah led 2 each of each animal onto the Ark or 6 each, I got the Idea of what he was trying to do,

just as other inconsistencies in wording would be consistent with the number of writers and that they are men with dual personalities like all of us, as no one is perfect, yet the true meaning trying to be conveyed is still there,

you have to see the whole picture that is being shown to you and not concentrate on the piece of litter on the ground. This book or collection of books is supposed to be from the word of God as written in 66 separate pieces which would include the old and new testament,

the inconsistencies are considered insignificant in the view of what is being presented.

The Holy Bible, a wonderful piece of literature that has the ability to guide someone through

life with its rules and examples of life so that someone may be closer to God,


some people have stated that it is the most boring thing that they have ever read, yet it has some good common sense ideas that are essential to a civilized society.


To overly simplify this great book, it is only necessary to realize a few things of importance, the 10 commandments are the rules that need to be followed in order for you to be the average "good person" in gods eyes, and it is really basic stuff, but still some people are unable to stick to these rules,


for example, I have lied before (do not bear false witness) I have not committed adultery, but I have caused others to do so, ( I still consider this bad), I have stolen before,


as for keeping the Sabbath day holy, I have worked on the Sabbath for money before, but in my defense, I was in the Navy and had no choice, (unless I was willing to go to the stockade for this particular belief),


also, I believe mostly this commandment was for the benefit for the slaves at the time, so their Masters would allow them one day to worship, also I will work at home doing chores which are not for money and I will have God in my thoughts as I do them,


besides, Jesus says, if your Ox or calf falls into a hole on the Sabbath, it is not a sin to get him out, also I believe a Sabbath day does not have to be a Sunday, it can be any day that you worship,


after all, Sunday probably didn't fall on the same day 2000 years ago, and finally, I do believe that I have taken the lords name in vain at least once in my life, as for the other commandments, I have done well.


Now I would like to share with you that I have been lied to, stolen from and hear the Lord's name taken in vain, the first two could very well be the result of me lying and stealing, and this is the result of instant Karma equalizing the upset I made in the Universe,


besides the Ten Commandments, there are other principles that can be adhered to like "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", which is another way of keeping the balance in the Universe.


In addition, there has to be a belief that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, that is a big game changer because the ultimate perfect entity that has been without sin, giving his life so that we will all be forgiven for our sins, now that is some large scale Karma equalizing there.


Another standard to adhere to, to avoid collecting bad Karma would be to steer clear of the seven deadly sins, these vary somewhat depending on where you look, but they still pertain to acquiring bad Karma,


they can affect you physically, mentally and spiritually. I will give examples of how these will harm you later, in the meantime, it is a good idea to stick to their opposites like the 7 virtues, as these will be much more valuable for your development.


There seems to be an inherent misconception of the Bible in that there is a reasoning to believe that the earth is only about 6ooo to 10000 years old, I cannot believe that this is an issue of contention even today,


if you have ever read the Bible at all, and I mean only the first page, it is quite evident that the God almighty is undoubtedly omnipotent and has no use for "time", after all, he is the first and the last, the beginning and the end,


that being said, it is stated in Genesis 1-14, that in effect, time or the ability to measure time was not created until the fourth day of creation for the benefit of man to keep track of the days and years, before that day, in the eyes of God, TIME DID NOT EXIST,


so even if the days of creation are taken literally, an infinite amount of time, as us three dimensional humans measure it could have passed in the first three days of creation, man was not created until the 6th day, and it would be an insulting show of arrogance to put us at Gods level at that point in time,


also, the creatures of the earth and seas and birds and the like were created on the fifth day, these are fairly important concepts that many have overlooked and it will prove to close the gap between science and religion.

Is Religion a Culture?


Many Religions are followed as cultures and lives are based on these cultures, this can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing,


by basing your entire life and existence on something that was written as an instruction for man to be able to function in a civilized manner does not have to be bad as long as it is realized that these instructions were written by man,


even though these prophets and enlightened individuals had divine inspiration, they also were given free will and are normally driven by their materialistic senses and conformed to the ideas of their times by involving fear, superstition and other dogma that was common in their era,


this realization is imperative for worshippers to use some discrimination and intuition to decipher their scriptures and update priorities to conform to the sensibilities of today and not thousands of years ago,


religion is not bad and the practicing of religion is not bad, but when it impedes someone else's pursuit of their beliefs it is being distorted and its original intention is not being perceived properly and its practice may actually be detrimental to others and especially the one practicing it.


Religion is a test, it tests us as to what we have learned as a member of humanity, most religious people think too much about what is in their scriptures,


they are much too critical of others that are not in their religion and more than this they are much too critical to those that are in their own religion, they have dissected their religions and determined exactly what they mean and how they should be practiced,


all religions are nothing more than instructions on how to reach enlightenment by living together with everyone else and being able to recognize reality.







A website about being a good human being



This will be an on-going article about reality, it will encompass beliefs and concepts from different religions and science and should ultimately bring all of them together.


It has been said that reality is an illusion, I will bring some opinions to light that will unravel these opinions and show that what we live now is the reality, our reality, it will not be limited by science or any one religion, but will be infinite and ever-expanding, just as our universe is.


Believing that our universe is finite is only limiting the meaning of the word, our universe is ours in the here and now and does not take into account "all that is"


I understand that there are many beliefs and nonbeliefs in the world, this site shall make available Ideas from many areas such as atheism, naturalism, science and a few religions, the object of this site is to help you understand what is wrong with our world and enable you to cope and even help these seemingly hopeless situations that are happening.


There is no requirement for a belief in a supreme being or anything that cannot be proven as facts such as reincarnation or karma, most of what is presented is common sense or maybe what is believed as fact in the scientific community as of the writing of this, that being said, I shall be particularly biased to my specific beliefs and shall use them as references in some of my explanations.


I wish to start this by stating that it is not necessary to believe in something that cannot be proven in order to be a good person that does good things and has good intentions,


I may take quotes and ideas from religious scriptures and beliefs from other cultures because of no matter where they come from, or who or whatever has written them,


it doesn't mean that there isn't wisdom and logic in the words like you don't have to be Gandhi to know that it isn't good to kill anyone at any time,


Sometimes it may be necessary to defend yourself and loved ones against an immediate threat, but that and that alone should be the only reason for such an action. As I list these things that civilized people should do and not do,


I will try to explain the reasons for them, some of these things some people will not consider bad and I will admit that some are worse than others, and in some cases, I have even done some of them myself in my life.


     The 10 commandments are known to most people even if they have not read the Bible, mostly they are common sense rules that govern a civilized society today, to an Atheist and the such, some would not even apply, but I shall attempt to explain as best as I understand them in my views.


I am the Lord your God and you should have no other Gods before me, as a Christian it is self-explanatory, as someone that does not believe in Deities, it would not be a problem since there would not be any other Deities to conflict with this.


You should not make any images to worship, I have simplified this greatly, but if you do not believe in God, again this should not be an issue, (I wish everyone to understand that I have not made allowances for Pagans where they may be Idol worshipers)


You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, again, if you do not believe, what you say as an expletive should not matter, even though it may disturb believers when they hear it.


Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy, it was stated by God to work for 6 days and rest for one day, this meant that absolutely no work what so ever would be done on this day by anyone or anything, I believe that this was intended to be most beneficial for the slaves, where they also had a chance to worship and rest, making them equal to everyone else on this day,


it was understood that thousands of years ago, slavery was commonplace and could not be dismissed easily, but by making this commandment, everyone was given a chance for rest, even the animals, this commandment is also one of the hardest to keep if you hold it to a particular day,


in this respect, I believe it is important to not work one day out of seven and it is not particularly important that it be a certain day of the week, there are certain jobs that require that work be done somewhere on every day of the week,


and I am sure that God realizes this also, working every day without rest is not healthy for the body and also creates an imbalance that will be explained in later articles.


Honor your father and mother. Other than it being a nice thing to do, it pleases God, I know of no good reason to not do this, if you respect their wishes and follow through with their intentions if they were unable, this would be a good thing, if you are someone that has been abused by their parents, it would even be a more valuable thing to at least forgive them, as carrying such a burden of hate would be detrimental to your health by causing an imbalance in your life that would haunt you.


You shall not murder. This was covered earlier, hate, jealousy, and greed are not good reasons for this.


You shall not commit adultery. If you have taken vows, it would be a good idea to keep them, breaking vows of any kind would be detrimental to your self-respect and reputation. I personally have caused people to commit adultery and I am not proud of it, another imbalance it created, a deception and a breaking of an agreement which will also disrupt your life.


You shall not steal. By taking something that someone has worked hard for also creates an imbalance which may be equalized at your expense, it may cause a hardship for someone and if you are caught, it may ultimately be much worse for you that originally thought of.


You should not give false testimony against your neighbor. Lying creates a huge imbalance in your life, especially if the results of the lie causes someone to do things that they would not normally do, the actions will snowball out of control and the imbalance will increase until you come clean. There are lies that you may tell to protect someone from unnecessary pain that you feel are necessary, and there is a deception to cover something bad you have done, either way, it is best to at least eventually tell the truth to someone to equal out this error.


You shall not covet your neighbors house or anything else of your neighbors, Don't be a vulture by befriending your neighbor where he or she thinks that you care for them but only care for their belongings, be selfless and expect nothing, be a true friend with no ulterior motives, if you feel that you are leaning towards being that way, it would be best to just leave them be or else the retribution will far exceed the deed. To put all of this in a nutshell, if you treat others as you would like to be treated, this should cover what would be expected of you as a good person.


There are also 7 virtues that will serve you well in your life, they are the opposite of the 7 deadly sins, if you make these virtues a regular part of your life, it should cover you when the inevitable sin happens.


CHASTITY as opposed to lust, this was a particularly difficult one for me especially in my youth, I was a dog and seemingly insatiable, but in my older age I have seen the benefits of keeping these thoughts and actions at bay, the ability of being able to concentrate better, having more energy and generally having a more wholesome outlook on life were just a few of the good things, I did enjoy the release from stress even if it was done manually, but the fantasies were not of a pure nature and I felt that they were counterproductive, this also can be a life-changing activity especially if proper protection is not used or even safe practices employed, I would suggest masturbation if the sexual urges are too strong to control, over the emotional disruption that may be caused to someone or the unwanted pregnancy which in its self can be a real life changer at many different levels, in other articles on this site, I will present different ways of coping with these types of problems.


TEMPERANCE, as opposed to gluttony, moderation in everything that you do, will help maintain a properly balanced life, overindulgence in anything such as food and vices is something to avoid on a regular basis, eventually you will end up at your favorite buffet and pig out, this is not the end of the world, but doing it regularly could be.


CHARITY as opposed to greed, this is not to say that it is bad to make lots of money, but don't let it run your life, if you are lucky enough to be very successful, take a break sometimes, possibly on your seventh day of rest and help someone in need, it doesn't have to include the giving of money, a little of your time and understanding goes a long way, I believe it may have a greater value in many cases, either way a giving back of your good fortune in some way or another is a good thing and it feels good also.


DILIGENCE as opposed to sloth or laziness, try to stay active in your life, work is good for the soul and for the body, it maintains a good balance in your life by keeping you busy doing work around the home, you have a sense of satisfaction upon completion of projects.


PATIENCE as opposed to wrath, relax, don't be hurried, peaceful harmony and mercy are good traits, being inpatient causes imbalance in your life as well in others. Convert your impatience to exacting attention to detail.


KINDNESS as opposed to envy, be happy for other peoples success, do not resent them, learn from them and support them.


HUMILITY as opposed to pride, take the high road, bragging about your successes shows you in a light that is not flattering, being humble and modest put people at ease, having a sense of humor and telling a joke at your own expense will disarm tense situations.


There will be times when humility will not be the best course to take, such as when you are applying for a job or if you are in a job that requires an excess of confidence, such as a surgeon for example, you would be more impressed with someone who claims to be the best, especially if they will be cutting into your body, they will have plenty of other times to be humble.


These examples of right and wrong are fairly straight forward and do not require believing in anything other than common sense, these beliefs are non-religious and can be followed by anyone and everyone no matter what their faith is.

In the following, I will refer to a supreme entity or God or all-encompassing power or the Tao, it is not so important what this power is called as I believe that no one word can cover any definition of it,

but it does have intelligence as subtle as it may seem and would appear to be much greater than any human could possibly acquire, I will also be using some references from various scriptures to support some explanations.

In no way will I be passing judgment on any one religion or belief, but I will try to bring these beliefs together.


Have you ever wondered why there are so many different languages on our planet? If you would suppose for a minute that everyone spoke the same language as they supposedly did once until they built the Tower of Babel,


that would imply that we all had similar thought processes, and would as I would perceive, limit us (humankind) in our beliefs and ideas, God had confounded mankind and spread them around the world, This was genius on God's behalf.


Just as different cultures have many meanings for one word such as sky, earth, water, heaven, etc. Just as the meanings of words may be different, so are concepts, in this, is why so many different views and Ideas have come to be,

Religious Beliefs


Religious Beliefs are very personal things, killing, wars, and death are unfortunately a part of these kinds of beliefs, this does not have to be, your religious beliefs can be quite helpful in your life as long as you keep it spiritual and not material,


leaving emotions out of the equation tends to give you a more even keel towards your spiritual aspirations, If Love is to be considered an emotion then it would be the only one necessary to have when dealing with other peoples beliefs,


its offshoots like compassion, mercy, charity and the rest of the virtues would also be acceptable additions as they are more on the spiritual side whereas their opposites tend to gravitate towards the material,


religious beliefs do not have to be the final word, or should I say anyone religious belief is not the only game in town, wisdom can be found in many different scriptures of many religions and it doesn't really matter who said it,


its origination was from a universal intelligence given to some prophet or wise person to share with his fellow humans, these divinely guided individuals also have free will and a dual personality that colors the scriptures with superstition and fear,


the dogma of their era make it more reasonable for people to believe what is being said as long as there are certain consistencies maintained such as slavery,


slavery has been outlawed in all of the civilized countries of the world because it was recognized as being wrong to force people against their will to do their bidding, but there are still people that take every word in their scriptures as being sacred,


but fail to realize that common sense and their intuition have some say in our societies, Religious beliefs are not the final word in civilization but do contain many wise things.








A website about being a good human being



     Over the centuries mankind has struggled with a seemingly unknown obstacle that has prevented him from evolving, this unknown thing has been realized many times by great people like Zoroaster and has even had forgotten religions formed around it to try to make the realization of truth.


This reality has caused many people to blame the effects of these obstacles on evil entities that are set on destroying our lives and our planet, the so called Devil is a good example, the epitome of evil is the cause of all disorder on our planet, I have news, the Devil does exist and it is US.


We all have the Devil inside of us to some extent, it is a part of our False personality, you see everyone has a Duality of their personality, it is very simple, there is a good side and a bad side to every person on the planet, the Good side can be said to be of our Soul which is Divine, but if you don't have a spiritual nature, it can be just thought of as good, and the Bad side is something that our Souls have created to make things more interesting in our lives,


if you aren't about to believe you have a soul, you might believe that your two personalities are just the different halves of the double helix of our DNA, our personalities have been programmed with certain over-leaves to give us a basic outlook on life that we start with after adolescences.


It is a basic bio program that is updated as we live our lives to make us who we are, unfortunately, some people have extra nasty over-leaves to begin with and their lives deal them one bad hand after another to in effect create a type of Hitler if you will,


now I admit that this would be the most extreme case, but it is needed to set an example of what could be, not only did this individual have extremely harsh over-leaves programmed into him, but in addition to that, his life after adolescence was rather cruel which drove him to be who he was, on the other end of the scale you have your Mother Theresa's.


What everyone has in common is that they have two distinct personalities interwoven together so well that you would be hard pressed to even notice where one starts and the other ends, in effect the only way that you can even start to notice this phenomenon is by observation, close observation of yourself,


you have to actually dissect your personalities, when you begin to do this you will realize that there are many many personalities to recognize, first off you need a personality that you can work with, one that is more or less neutral, That, would be your observational personality, or your observational self, as we observe ourselves we will notice that there are many more bad than good selves.

It may help to begin with to list these bad selves, they can be broken down many ways, a good way is by the senses and then by actions and then by emotions, every bad thing that you may do or think can also be broken down further, and once they have been recognized, they can be stopped, after all, the God or power that has created all of our Souls, has also given us Free Will to choose how we live and act.


So when we observe that as we are idle, doing our jobs, whatever they may be, we may have thoughts running through our minds that are less than productive and not very wholesome, if we notice this, we can stop this by just changing our thoughts to something more productive and more wholesome, bad habits can be dissected into a variety of thoughts and actions and can be approached and dismantled systematically with great success.


Just an example of starting points, I will list some "False Selves" that you may come to recognize,


Criticizing Self, Bigoted Self, Self Righteous Self, Addicted Self, Scenario Self, Doubtful Self, Lustful Self, Greedy Self, Jealous Self, Victimized Self, Emotional Self, Opinionated Self, Fanciful Self, Excessive Self, martyr Self, Arrogant Self, Nervous Self, Impatient Self, Talkative Self, Justifying Self, Sarcastic Self and Nasty Self are just a few examples of what you may come up against.


This list can be further broken down into sub-categories, such as in an addicted self, for example you are a smoker and you wish to quit, when you have finished the last cigarette that you have, your addictive self will want more, actually there will be a self that will try to avoid running out of cigarettes altogether, someone will have to go to the store to buy them, this Action is different from the thought as movement is required, also there will be another action that will be attempted which is going to a smoking friends residence to bum a smoke from him or her or your complacent self will ask someone to get some for you.


All of these actions can be broken down and approached separately as to foil these addicted selves plans to smoke, once you notice the thought, the action can be prevented by the use of our free will, this may sound easy as it is read, but there are other effects that False Personality will use to get what it wants, such as discomfort or apparent pain and nervous pressure to convince you that you really need this cigarette, these feelings can be ignored, where you may focus your mind on something else.


False personality does not want to lose what it has conditioned you for for years to crave and want and seemingly need, it needs this control over you because once you start to break free, it will be easier to rid your thoughts and actions of it's control, this apparent "control" that your False personalities exert over you is what this "game" is all about, you have to eventually realize that this truly IS a game and all of your senses are what are helping to deceive you, the cravings for certain tastes and over indulgence in the foods that have this taste, smells, the over use of scented candles and perfumes are unhealthy and indulgent, sight, the gawking at women along with lustful thoughts, not to mention the watching of television concerning violent shows and movies and Hearing the vulgar dialog and incessant banter which also inflames emotions.


By now it is becoming apparent that this "False Personality" seems to be having all of the fun, and some would state that it is what makes life worth living, acquiring money and things, indulging all of your senses constantly, what else is there to do with one's life?


This is the question that will be at the forefront of what you decide to do with your life, I can think that it is easy to do or not do these things as I have done many of them for most of my life, at 61 years of age, I can state that I have lived my life fairly fully from a false personalities point of view,


and to be perfectly fair, I am what is known as a "Seeker", I seek Truth and Knowledge and I have done so for over 45 years, when I had the Realization that there was a Duality in Humanity and the reasoning of it, a Light came on and changed my life, you see, the realization was a type of awakening of my Soul, and from then on, My soul was driving this rig and many of those cravings and urges disappeared, a great calm came over me, and I for the first time was in control of my life and not my False personalities,


this will not be the same for everyone, as their programming will be different, and they will fully reject all that is said here as they are fully immersed in the material game where they have absolutely no intention of changing their lives whatsoever.


I cannot write anything on this subject without mentioning something about Religion upfront, I will state that I am of no particular Religion and have nothing against any particular Religion, but I have made some rather interesting observations about Religions and Beliefs in general,


All Religions and Beliefs have some truth and merit in them, but they have ALL been written by man with guidance and inspiration from a higher entity, in fact, I have taken something from many Religions and patched them together to make something in which I am comfortable to believe as the Truth,


after all, if there is an almighty, merciful and Loving God of sorts, wouldn't this God be loving of all of it's creations on the whole of the planet, after all it created all that is, so it seems logical that this supreme being would want ALL of it's children to know the truth of reality.


Possibility this is the reason of all of the religions and beliefs, to insure that some of the truth will exist in all parts of the world, some truths in all of the faiths, and with the invent of the world wide web and electronic translations and interpretations of books of all languages, this has given mankind the chance that it sorely needs to sort out all of these beliefs,


"Seek and ye shall find", some words that have come from the Bible, a mission of sorts, 2000 years ago, this knowledge was not easy to come by, not to mention the ability to understand all of these many languages and to travel to all of these far off lands, the printing press was not invented yet, so all books were hand written, mostly by Monks in a meticulous fashion and were fairly rare to come by,

now in the 21st century, if you have a computer and an internet connection, you are literally connected to all parts of the world, able to Seek where ever you please, most all scriptures are translated into English and available in a PDF version that can be downloaded in a matter of moments, mostly absolutely for free.


In order to validate anything of what I mention here I must give an example of my beliefs, so that a judgement can be made about my opinions.


I believe in a supreme power, be it called God or Brahma or the Tao is not important, what is important is that there is an intelligence out there running this show or at least providing the tools for us to participate, as in the believers of the Tao, I believe in maintaining a natural balance in our existence in order to traverse life with a minimum of problems, I believe in Karma as do a few religions, a law of cause and effect is being enforced constantly, which also follows maintaining balance, when balance is upset, there must be an equalization to set things right eventually, and since in some peoples lifetimes, there is such a great imbalance created.


There is not enough time in one lifetime to correct all of these causes put into motion, which is why there is Reincarnation, this is the mode in which we are able to correct our mistakes from previous lives, this explains why seemingly bad things happen to good people, it is just an evening up of the scales, and the biggest offender of this cosmic game is our False personality,


it is the cause of the breaking of the Ten Commandments and the straying towards the seven deadly sins, and the biggest deception out of all of this is that all of these sacred and Holy scriptures are written by Man, they may be inspired by a Divine power to supply the important facts needed to be understood, but these writers, these Men also have false personalities that would also like to add their two cents to this literature to make it more colorful and to possibly frighten people into believing their stories, usually based on the dogma's and superstition of the eras.


I am not one to talk bad about anyone's sacred scriptures, but in my humble opinion, there is an over abundance of fear which is a product of false personality and an over abundance of superstition and dogma and Maya and whatever else you may want to call the superfluous literature that has the world warring over seemingly nothing,


once it is realized that all that is from spirit, our souls and from God or the Tao is good and is with unconditional love, the forgiveness, the mercy and charity are all of God or the Tao with it's representatives such as our souls and other divine entities.


All of the bad, the greed, the lust, the desire for power and land, the suppression of free will and apparent evil is the result of false personality, then the world will be able to face this Duality and rid themselves of this illusion and become "one" once again.


The realization of this Duality and the Realization that we are truly of spirit will cause the end of our rebirths and allow our race to finally evolve to something better than the laughing stock of our galaxy,

most all of the scriptures have alluded to a Duality in each of us and some scriptures have created another entity of sorts being of evil, which has been the cause or blame of all bad that happens,


as long as the human race continues to defer the blame to something other than themselves, this imbalance of our planet will continue and these false beliefs created by the false personality of man will continue to inhibit our race's evolution,


once we all face that we have a personality that needs to be controlled by our Free Will, we will emerge from the darkness and truly see the light of the divine truth that has been hidden behind the curtain of ignorance for so long.


If there was to be another method of modifying your personality to lean towards the good, a good reference to follow comes from the Kabalian, the principle of polarity can be followed where the positive polarity of just about everything has a higher vibration and is considered more good in respect to emotions, attitudes and feelings,


because since we all are human and have our ups and downs, there is no reason for us to let these feelings carry us away at the moment,


being around positive well meaning people is a good way to stay on the right side of the fence, and believe it or not, having a good attitude, even if you have to force it during some adverse situations will actually change the polarity of your emotions and feelings.


In this same piece of literature it is also pointed out that rhythm is another contributing factor towards you general feelings and attitudes, you may notice that some days are better than others,


and if you pay close enough attention you will notice that their occurrences are rather regular, especially after a very good day, soon to follow, things will not be so good or will be actually bad, or so you will feel,


this is the best time to turn the tables and not allow the bad to enter your environment by keeping to the positive of all of your emotional aspects until that more negative rhythm has passed, it becomes much easier to not let things "get your goat" when you have practiced your observation and controlled those false personalities.


How can I control my Anger?


Anger is the bread and butter of false personality, it is the bad half of your duality flexing its muscles, if it is an issue with you, it should be the very first thing defeated in its entirety, it will ruin lives and not just your own,


it is a disease that can spread faster than a California wildfire and leave a vast amount of Karma in its path for everyone involved, controlling this emotion can be difficult if you tend to have some arrogance in your make-up,


you may have a short fuse and many people you know seem to be around you with a box of matches, anyone doing anything that you would not do is enough for you to go off, love and tolerance is the key,


trying to see how they think and how they may feel is a start towards understanding this problem, everyone in the world is different, some people seem to never lose their cool, it would be interesting to notice if these types of people are some of the ones that may set you off,


there are also some external non-natural factors that can be causing some of this distress, too much sugar or caffeine can be simple remedies, other vises such as smoking or drinking can also aid in the distress and in some extreme cases the cessation of eating meat has helped some conquer this problem,


essentially the strength of your ''free will'' will determine how you would progress in battling this foe, mostly just putting yourself in the place of the one that inflames you and trying to look through their eyes and understanding what they know is enough to start to get control,


you must exercise your reason and observe yourself and what you are doing and for what, also there are cycles of anger where it seems at times everything is going fine and there are no issues,


you cannot rest assured that this will continue, you should prepare yourself for the negative half of this cycle, this is where you will practice your tolerance and putting yourself in other people's shoes.



Maya Dogma


and Fear



This is a page about all of the silly stuff that ManKind believes

This will be a page that shall dissolve all of those silly beliefs that create fear and distress in Humanity

Superstition and Fear


OK, so you belong to some sort of church or synagogue or temple or mosque, I know...I know you have been taught this and you have been taught that, and if you do not obey, you burn in hellfire. If you haven't read about Dual Personality, you should probably do that right now.

All of this dogma, Maya and fear are going to lead you astray and the wrong path will be the result.


The only thing that you need to fear is being a bad person that does bad things, you may say that you have done this or that in the name of your God or Gods, but in reality, you have done these things of your own free will, the Devil did not make you do it and you cannot say that "I had no choice"


You have always had control over everything that you do, if you allow yourself to believe that someone or something is controlling you, you are deluded, of course, if someone is holding a gun to your head or threatening your loved ones, you may have a small excuse.


It starts with the small simple things like spilling salt or breaking a mirror or stepping on a crack, you hear this nonsense when you were little and it travels with you through your life,

Don't whistle indoors, don't pick up the coin if it is tails up, if you do this, you will be jinxed, if you do that, bad luck will be yours, and if you do the other, you will always be poor.


Most religious scriptures have great stories about right and wrong, they give examples of what might happen if you do or don't do certain things, most all of these scriptures have been written by man, with Divine guidance, this guidance is usually very specific and succinct, and it leaves much to the imagination to fill in the extra pages, so, unfortunately, this is done by the man himself, driven by the dogma of the times.


This addition of Fear and Superstition is what creates unrest in the world, people think that they will take up God's work by being rid of the infidels or by suppressing others rights to free will, they do not understand that free will is a two way street that needs to flow in both directions in order to truly be considered "free" will, they forget that vengeance is the lords, not theirs.


Suppression of Free Will will cause an imbalance that results in bad things happening as long as the imbalance exists, this competition of the Religions is so silly and unwarranted because mankind has failed to realize that their God is everyone's God.


There should not be a fear of going to hell because you do not believe as someone else does, if you have been a bad person that does bad things, then you will eventually atone for the imbalance that you have created, either in this life or in the next or some other life down the way.


I guess that you could consider "Hell" as having to return to right the wrong you had done in a previous life because what goes around comes around and we all must sow what we reap.


If you insist in believing in Hell and Heaven, I am sure you will visit one or the other for some time before you have to return to complete your tour on this planet, there are no "take backs", but there are most certainly "do overs".


Do not mistake Rituals and sacrifice for superstitious endeavors, especially if they are mostly selfless and for "good", there is always some power in selfless good deeds, and when there is some sort of sacrifice involved, the good intentions are amplified even more.


Most importantly, you must deprogram yourself concerning all of the superstitious beliefs that you have had thrust upon you throughout your life, if you continue to believe in these things, you will make them come to be, especially the ones that worry you the most.


It may be difficult to go through life without experiencing someone Else's superstition, if it's your boss, it is even more difficult, everyone has beliefs silly or not and they should be respected at least to the point of not throwing them back into the face of the believer, you can give them your views on the subject and let them continue as they may, just don't be drug down with their dogmas.


There have been good luck charms and talismans throughout the ages, amulets, rabbits foot, (what about the unlucky rabbit that lost it?), monkey's paw (same that goes for the monkey), a lucky coin, a lucky pair of socks to win the game, wearing the red thread on the wrist to ward off evil,


just about anything can be decided to be lucky or unlucky, and what is the worst part of this is when you forget your lucky charm and something bad happens to you, this is the case where you yourself have put this curse upon yourself by believing in such things.


     In our world's society, people are driven by fear, fear of war, fear of terrorism, fear of not being able to pay bills, fear of losing what is valuable to you, If they are God-fearing people, this fear is unnecessary,


they have all that they need within, all of this unwarranted fear comes from false personality, and it eats them away little by little, worry over things they have no control over creates an imbalance that actually creates illness,


and this fear when it is externalized is like a plague that spreads among everyone involved. Our souls are immortal, rise above and dispel the fear.


Now there are those of you that even search for things to be afraid of, getting wrapped up in conspiracy theories of every sort are certainly counterproductive, positive attitudes are always better than the doom and gloom feelings.


I am not going to paint the perfect picture to be lived at all times, it isn't wise to stay in a home that is surrounded by wildfires thinking, they won't come here,


fear can be warranted, and it is a survival mechanism that keeps us alive, but I wouldn't lose sleep at night thinking that you are going to be abducted by aliens.


     One of the most difficult fears to lose is the fear you may have because you are unable to pay bills, fear of losing your home or not being able to cope in an emergency because you have no money, this fear is warranted,


but must be dispersed, another or different job must be sought and attained to end this problem, although this sort of problem is not of a superstitious nature, the causes and effects may lead you to believe the world is out to get you,


replace this fear with diligence towards making the problem lessen and finally go away, then your regular superstitious habits will come into a clearer light and will easily be ended.


Fear and Superstition is a hard thing to lose especially if you have been brought up with these sorts of things all of your life, your religion also has a hand in preserving dogma throughout your life,


certain stereotypes also strengthen false views on reality, the apparent weakness and intelligence of the weaker sex, the judgment of peoples sexual preference breeds an unwarranted fear, nerds are less manly, jocks are more stupid,


all of the preconceived notions about reality only add fuel to the ignorance fear and superstition, accepting people as they are and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise is a good way to temper your tolerance of others.

gallery/superstitious broken mirror
gallery/superstitious crossed fingers

Origins of Evil


Throughout mankind's history, there has been a declaration that there is an entity that has evil as it's motive, it is blamed for all of the bad that has come to pass throughout history,


it has obtained control of humans to do it's bidding and is the main driving force for all of the chaos on our planet, it goes by many names, the devil, Satan, Lucifer and Antichrist to name a few,


this evil IS REAL and was created by GOD, it is a part of every person on the planet, it is our duality, it is the Hyde to our Jeckle's, it is the material to our Spiritual and it is here to stay,


fortunately, it is controllable by our God-given FREE WILL. If someone commits a heinous crime and says that the Devil made them do it, they are a liar and have failed to use their free will to control their lives,


everyone always has a choice, besides hostage and extortion situations (which in fact are situations performed by people who also have free will) there are no good reasons to do apparently evil acts ever.


Evil is a disease, a disease that can spread like the plague, the crowd mentality working from baser human emotions from our distant past that were used for survival are no longer needed in all of the earth societies today, yet they are preserved by the likes of organizations like ISIS and some of the extremely rich and powerful


The false personality aspects of ourselves are the culprits that have inserted all of the Maya and Dogma and superstitions into the world's scriptures,


every feeling that you have concerning revenge, competition, hate, greed etc. Are aspects of your false personality, and when these things are expounded upon and spread to others in the way of overt opinions or acts, the beginning of this disease is being spread,


it festers and grows and poisons minds, attitudes, and lives. Unfortunately, there are people in the world that live exclusively out of their false personality,


their unwholesome ways of life are based on apparent evil and they are most at home with these negative values, these people and their ways of life should be avoided at all costs.


As for all of these conspiracy sites, if you take these sites as they should be, the entertainment factor is not bad, some of these are quite compelling, but don't be led into the paranoia that some of these sites generate,


paranoia is just another form of fear and is just as addictive and able to spread as hate and superstition are. We are all well aware that our governments have agendas that do not include full disclosure as we all would wish them to have,


there is a "need to know" attitude that prevails, there is no good reason to jump on the bandwagon of paranoia, for one thing, it does not bring anything to the intellectual table other than fear,


there is really nothing that common people can do about most of these things, I have noticed that a few people have taken it upon themselves to study "giants" they have accumulated quite a bit of data and have presented very good arguments about their existence in the past,


the facts that our governments would rather keep this information from humanity is irrelevant to what we believe, true, it would be nice to learn more about these giants and possibly see a skeleton in a museum, but it is no reason to start a hate campaign.


Whether it is Nazi's under Antartica making spaceships or aliens hiding inside of the moon using mind control on our population, the paranoia is not healthy for our race, I understand that people need to make a living,


but the premise that moon aliens are manipulating our thoughts are silly, the action of bringing up such an idea is probably more damaging, preying on peoples fear.


The point of all of this is not to get caught up in the paranoia, and logically since there is nothing that you can do about it, why worry?


Besides, my free will is much more powerful than any kind of alien mind control.


Fear comes in many forms, some are more apparent than others, the obvious things to fear are the ones that are visible like a pack of angry dogs or when you consciously decide to do something dangerous or when you stay in your home as a hurricane bears down on your location,


many of these types of fears are avoidable to an extent, then there are the fears of what may happen in the world, terrorism, wars, hunger, economic collapse or an asteroid that will end it all.


Fear about what you have no control over is a waste, your worries do nothing to help, only to give you an ulcer or some nervous condition, staying calm and dealing with what you can is all that can be expected of anyone,


these types of fears must be analyzed, yes, some of them can be attributed to man's evil tendencies, but reacting to something that you have no control over only adds fuel to the fire,


nothing is out to get you, living your life without worries and dealing with what comes up will prove to be the most advantageous way to go through life.


Even Science can evoke its fears and superstitions just as effectively as religion, Switzerland's Cern particle accelerator collider, the atom bomb and any number of biological, chemical and science-based environmental inventions either good or bad can be made to terrorize if you let it do so,


Ok, the Hadron super collider tears a hole in space-time and turns Europe into a black hole that starts to envelop the rest of the planet, see...I told you something like that would happen!


Even though something like this is not out of the realm of possibility, the probability of it ever happening is so slight that worrying about it is a symptom of some type of neurosis,


letting gossip and other peoples imagination get the best of you just dilutes your reasoning power for things that actually matter, the ultimate reason I have for not worrying about such things is that it just doesn't matter,


if the world ended tomorrow, my soul would survive, just as it has survived countless other physical deaths, it's nothing more than ending a game, I always know that I can start another.


Paranoia, fear, dogma, Maya, superstition and ignorance, these are the things that will hold you back from the ultimate realization that can be realized while you are incarnate on this planet,


letting loose of these emotions and false beliefs will dissolve the ignorance from your life, accepting the good and rejecting the bad is a good start, a little discrimination in the words of your scriptures will clear the muddy water to enable you to see what really matters,


taking total control of your false personality is paramount, and by tempering your material aspirations with spiritual knowledge of right and wrong, will allow your true intuitions to take hold and lead you in the right directions,


I am not saying to go around spilling salt and breaking mirrors, but just stop giving any thought or credence to any of these ideas, recognizing them only feeds false personality.




Ok, you have overcome your fears and have dissolved your superstitions, your dogmas are now nonexistent and you believe you are absolutely bulletproof, this doesn't mean that you should go out and start doing stupid stuff,


there is still cause and effect, and the possibility that you may have some karmic debt saved up from previous lifetimes is always there, attitude is a fluid thing and humility keeps it in check quite well,


some people may think that gambling on other peoples misfortune is a harmless activity, but it involves other peoples lives directly, it also taps into the law of attraction and not in a good way,


small scale gambling in itself is fairly harmless when it doesn't involve others, an occasional lottery ticket or getting into a football pool isn't going to change your life, the entertainment factor should be the most that you should expect from such an activity,


but death pools and disaster pools are not only in poor taste but seem to sway fate in the direction where a lesson can be learned from such activities, and the lesson may not be what you had in mind.

Don't Step on that Crack




Ok, you have overcome your fears and have dissolved your superstitions, your dogmas are now nonexistent and you believe you are absolutely bulletproof, this doesn't mean that you should go out and start doing stupid stuff,


there is still cause and effect, and the possibility that you may have some karmic debt saved up from previous lifetimes is always there, attitude is a fluid thing and humility keeps it in check quite well,


some people may think that gambling on other peoples misfortune is a harmless activity, but it involves other peoples lives directly, it also taps into the law of attraction and not in a good way,


small scale gambling in itself is fairly harmless when it doesn't involve others, an occasional lottery ticket or getting into a football pool isn't going to change your life, the entertainment factor should be the most that you should expect from such an activity,


but death pools and disaster pools are not only in poor taste but seem to sway fate in the direction where a lesson can be learned from such activities, and the lesson may not be what you had in mind.

Superstitious Belief


It is unfortunate that some religions have ideas based on superstition, this mindset is not spiritual and usually involves some sort of fear, if I don't do a certain thing, bad things will happen, or if I do a certain thing bad things will happen,


it also includes accidental happenstances and conditional happenstances, these are self-created situations that inject fear into situations that have no business of being there at all, the invention of talismans compounds the worry and fear allowing a material object to have power over whoever believes,


superstitious belief is the product of thinking too much when instead you should just be being, lack of control of free will and the inability of being able to just cope with life fuels superstitious belief,


if you try to analyze why some superstitious beliefs were injected into our scriptures, you will find that it was believed that fear was a good enough reason to follow specific beliefs, when actually all the fear and dogma have actually done is distract us from what is important and should be paid attention to,


the Maya is clouding the vision of our reality to the point of paranoia and even the opposite effect of recklessness because of the ignoring of common sense is also potentially damaging,


all of this fear has replaced the provided wisdom with anger and war which isn't the desired effect of any religion.

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