A website about being a good human being

     This site has been initially created to give all individuals the ability to be GOOD people, it doesn't necessarily require anyone to believe in God or any of the aspects of any type of religion, even though a majority of this site will include "faith" in some things that cannot be proven scientifically as of yet, so, any Atheists may find some worth on this site and Agnostics will be given enough compelling information to be able to tilt them somewhat towards the spiritual side.


     Religiously inclined people will be given some things to think about regarding their beliefs. I will in no way denigrate anyone's religious beliefs as I believe they are as important as anyone else's, but I will take the wisdom from the many religions and weave together a fabric of love and truth to create a tapestry of wisdom and peace that will be easy to follow.


Additionally, there will be no place for comments at this point in time, I have much information that is to be dispersed among 12 sites in a manner that will allow those sites to be noticed more readily,


so over the next few months, more content will be added weekly, and links to sites that will give pertinent information to what is trying to be explained, eventually there will be a comment section for those that wish to give their opinions and to ask questions.


The information being covered shall encompass Meditation and Meditation Techniques to enable you to be able to understand what is being presented easier, a section on Superstition shall help control the effects of False personality on people and  their lives,


and also a section on Duality to explain its effects on you and your spiritual life.


This website is not about me, but what I have learned in my 62 years of life, you can call me Cousin Lance if you need to call me something, I have recently had an enlightening experience and would like to share what I have learned.


I do not have any credentials nor will I claim to be an expert in anything, I am a normal average human being that has had something different happen to him.


Everything on these sites for your consideration and is not set in stone, we all have free will to believe what we want, everyone's experience through life is different and these sites convey my views


All of these sites are based on Peace and Love and how our civilization can take advantage of these with tolerance towards each other. 


I am what is called a Seeker and have been seeking truth for most of my life, the sites below are also mine with similar information to enlighten....Enjoy!

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