A website about being a good human being



This will be an on-going article about reality, it will encompass beliefs and concepts from different religions and science and should ultimately bring all of them together.


It has been said that reality is an illusion, I will bring some opinions to light that will unravel these opinions and show that what we live now is the reality, our reality, it will not be limited by science or any one religion, but will be infinite and ever-expanding, just as our universe is.


Believing that our universe is finite is only limiting the meaning of the word, our universe is ours in the here and now and does not take into account "all that is"


I understand that there are many beliefs and nonbeliefs in the world, this site shall make available Ideas from many areas such as atheism, naturalism, science and a few religions, the object of this site is to help you understand what is wrong with our world and enable you to cope and even help these seemingly hopeless situations that are happening.


There is no requirement for a belief in a supreme being or anything that cannot be proven as facts such as reincarnation or karma, most of what is presented is common sense or maybe what is believed as fact in the scientific community as of the writing of this, that being said, I shall be particularly biased to my specific beliefs and shall use them as references in some of my explanations.


I wish to start this by stating that it is not necessary to believe in something that cannot be proven in order to be a good person that does good things and has good intentions,


I may take quotes and ideas from religious scriptures and beliefs from other cultures because of no matter where they come from, or who or whatever has written them,


it doesn't mean that there isn't wisdom and logic in the words like you don't have to be Gandhi to know that it isn't good to kill anyone at any time,


Sometimes it may be necessary to defend yourself and loved ones against an immediate threat, but that and that alone should be the only reason for such an action. As I list these things that civilized people should do and not do,


I will try to explain the reasons for them, some of these things some people will not consider bad and I will admit that some are worse than others, and in some cases I have even done some of them myself in my life.