Maya Dogma


and Fear



This will be a page that shall dissolve all of those silly beliefs that create fear and distress in Humanity

Written by Lance Volk, a Quora Contributor

Superstition and Fear


OK, so you belong to some sort of church or synagogue or temple or mosque, I know...I know you have been taught this and you have been taught that, and if you do not obey, you burn in hellfire. If you haven't read about Dual Personality, you should probably do that right now.

All of this dogma, Maya and fear are going to lead you astray and the wrong path will be the result.


The only thing that you need to fear is being a bad person that does bad things, you may say that you have done this or that in the name of your God or Gods, but in reality, you have done these things of your own free will, the Devil did not make you do it and you cannot say that "I had no choice"


You have always had control over everything that you do, if you allow yourself to believe that someone or something is controlling you, you are deluded, of course, if someone is holding a gun to your head or threatening your loved ones, you may have a small excuse.


It starts with the small simple things like spilling salt or breaking a mirror or stepping on a crack, you hear this nonsense when you were little and it travels with you through your life,

Don't whistle indoors, don't pick up the coin if it is tails up, if you do this, you will be jinxed, if you do that, bad luck will be yours, and if you do the other, you will always be poor.


Most religious scriptures have great stories about right and wrong, they give examples of what might happen if you do or don't do certain things, most all of these scriptures have been written by man, with Divine guidance, this guidance is usually very specific and succinct, and it leaves much to the imagination to fill in the extra pages, so, unfortunately, this is done by the man himself, driven by the dogma of the times.


This addition of Fear and Superstition is what creates unrest in the world, people think that they will take up God's work by being rid of the infidels or by suppressing others rights to free will, they do not understand that free will is a two way street that needs to flow in both directions in order to truly be considered "free" will, they forget that vengeance is the lords, not theirs.


Suppression of Free Will will cause an imbalance that results in bad things happening as long as the imbalance exists, this competition of the Religions is so silly and unwarranted because mankind has failed to realize that their God is everyone's God.


There should not be a fear of going to hell because you do not believe as someone else does, if you have been a bad person that does bad things, then you will eventually atone for the imbalance that you have created, either in this life or in the next or some other life down the way.


I guess that you could consider "Hell" as having to return to right the wrong you had done in a previous life because what goes around comes around and we all must sow what we reap.


If you insist in believing in Hell and Heaven, I am sure you will visit one or the other for some time before you have to return to complete your tour on this planet, there are no "take backs", but there are most certainly "do overs".


Do not mistake Rituals and sacrifice for superstitious endeavors, especially if they are mostly selfless and for "good", there is always some power in selfless good deeds, and when there is some sort of sacrifice involved, the good intentions are amplified even more.


Most importantly, you must deprogram yourself concerning all of the superstitious beliefs that you have had thrust upon you throughout your life, if you continue to believe in these things, you will make them come to be, especially the ones that worry you the most.


It may be difficult to go through life without experiencing someone Else's superstition, if it's your boss, it is even more difficult, everyone has beliefs silly or not and they should be respected at least to the point of not throwing them back into the face of the believer, you can give them your views on the subject and let them continue as they may, just don't be drug down with their dogmas.


There have been good luck charms and talismans throughout the ages, amulets, rabbits foot, (what about the unlucky rabbit that lost it?), monkey's paw (same that goes for the monkey), a lucky coin, a lucky pair of socks to win the game, wearing the red thread on the wrist to ward off evil,


just about anything can be decided to be lucky or unlucky, and what is the worst part of this is when you forget your lucky charm and something bad happens to you, this is the case where you yourself have put this curse upon yourself by believing in such things.


     In our world's society, people are driven by fear, fear of war, fear of terrorism, fear of not being able to pay bills, fear of losing what is valuable to you, If they are God-fearing people, this fear is unnecessary,


they have all that they need within, all of this unwarranted fear comes from false personality, and it eats them away little by little, worry over things they have no control over creates an imbalance that actually creates illness,


and this fear when it is externalized is like a plague that spreads among everyone involved. Our souls are immortal, rise above and dispel the fear.


Now there are those of you that even search for things to be afraid of, getting wrapped up in conspiracy theories of every sort are certainly counterproductive, positive attitudes are always better than the doom and gloom feelings.


I am not going to paint the perfect picture to be lived at all times, it isn't wise to stay in a home that is surrounded by wildfires thinking, they won't come here,


fear can be warranted, and it is a survival mechanism that keeps us alive, but I wouldn't lose sleep at night thinking that you are going to be abducted by aliens.


     One of the most difficult fears to lose is the fear you may have because you are unable to pay bills, fear of losing your home or not being able to cope in an emergency because you have no money, this fear is warranted,


but must be dispersed, another or different job must be sought and attained to end this problem, although this sort of problem is not of a superstitious nature, the causes and effects may lead you to believe the world is out to get you,


replace this fear with diligence towards making the problem lessen and finally go away, then your regular superstitious habits will come into a clearer light and will easily be ended.


Fear and Superstition is a hard thing to lose especially if you have been brought up with these sorts of things all of your life, your religion also has a hand in preserving dogma throughout your life,


certain stereotypes also strengthen false views on reality, the apparent weakness and intelligence of the weaker sex, the judgment of peoples sexual preference breeds an unwarranted fear, nerds are less manly, jocks are more stupid,


all of the preconceived notions about reality only add fuel to the ignorance fear and superstition, accepting people as they are and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise is a good way to temper your tolerance of others.

Origins of Evil


Throughout mankind's history, there has been a declaration that there is an entity that has evil as it's motive, it is blamed for all of the bad that has come to pass throughout history,


it has obtained control of humans to do it's bidding and is the main driving force for all of the chaos on our planet, it goes by many names, the devil, Satan, Lucifer and Antichrist to name a few,


this evil IS REAL and was created by GOD, it is a part of every person on the planet, it is our duality, it is the Hyde to our Jeckle's, it is the material to our Spiritual and it is here to stay,


fortunately, it is controllable by our God-given FREE WILL. If someone commits a heinous crime and says that the Devil made them do it, they are a liar and have failed to use their free will to control their lives,


everyone always has a choice, besides hostage and extortion situations (which in fact are situations performed by people who also have free will) there are no good reasons to do apparently evil acts ever.


Evil is a disease, a disease that can spread like the plague, the crowd mentality working from baser human emotions from our distant past that were used for survival are no longer needed in all of the earth societies today, yet they are preserved by the likes of organizations like ISIS and some of the extremely rich and powerful


The false personality aspects of ourselves are the culprits that have inserted all of the Maya and Dogma and superstitions into the world's scriptures,


every feeling that you have concerning revenge, competition, hate, greed etc. Are aspects of your false personality, and when these things are expounded upon and spread to others in the way of overt opinions or acts, the beginning of this disease is being spread,


it festers and grows and poisons minds, attitudes, and lives. Unfortunately, there are people in the world that live exclusively out of their false personality,


their unwholesome ways of life are based on apparent evil and they are most at home with these negative values, these people and their ways of life should be avoided at all costs.


As for all of these conspiracy sites, if you take these sites as they should be, the entertainment factor is not bad, some of these are quite compelling, but don't be led into the paranoia that some of these sites generate,


paranoia is just another form of fear and is just as addictive and able to spread as hate and superstition are. We are all well aware that our governments have agendas that do not include full disclosure as we all would wish them to have,


there is a "need to know" attitude that prevails, there is no good reason to jump on the bandwagon of paranoia, for one thing, it does not bring anything to the intellectual table other than fear,


there is really nothing that common people can do about most of these things, I have noticed that a few people have taken it upon themselves to study "giants" they have accumulated quite a bit of data and have presented very good arguments about their existence in the past,


the fact that our governments would rather keep this information from humanity is irrelevant to what we believe, true, it would be nice to learn more about these giants and possibly see a skeleton in a museum, but it is no reason to start a hate campaign.


Whether it is Nazi's under Antarctica making spaceships or aliens hiding inside of the moon using mind control on our population, the paranoia is not healthy for our race, I understand that people need to make a living,


but the premise that moon aliens are manipulating our thoughts is silly, the action of bringing up such an idea is probably more damaging, preying on people's fear.


The point of all of this is not to get caught up in the paranoia, and logically since there is nothing that you can do about it, why worry?


Besides, my free will is much more powerful than any kind of alien mind control.


Fear comes in many forms, some are more apparent than others, the obvious things to fear are the ones that are visible like a pack of angry dogs or when you consciously decide to do something dangerous or when you stay in your home as a hurricane bears down on your location,


many of these types of fears are avoidable to an extent, then there are the fears of what may happen in the world, terrorism, wars, hunger, economic collapse or an asteroid that will end it all.


Fear about what you have no control over is a waste, your worries do nothing to help, only to give you an ulcer or some nervous condition, staying calm and dealing with what you can is all that can be expected of anyone,


these types of fears must be analyzed, yes, some of them can be attributed to man's evil tendencies, but reacting to something that you have no control over only adds fuel to the fire,


nothing is out to get you, living your life without worries and dealing with what comes up will prove to be the most advantageous way to go through life.


Even Science can evoke its fears and superstitions just as effectively as religion, Switzerland's Cern particle accelerator collider, the atom bomb and any number of biological, chemical and science-based environmental inventions either good or bad can be made to terrorize if you let it do so,


Ok, the Hadron supercollider tears a hole in space-time and turns Europe into a black hole that starts to envelop the rest of the planet, see...I told you something like that would happen!


Even though something like this is not out of the realm of possibility, the probability of it ever happening is so slight that worrying about it is a symptom of some type of neurosis,


letting gossip and other peoples imagination get the best of you just dilutes your reasoning power for things that actually matter, the ultimate reason I have for not worrying about such things is that it just doesn't matter,


if the world ended tomorrow, my soul would survive, just as it has survived countless other physical deaths, it's nothing more than ending a game, I always know that I can start another.


Paranoia, fear, dogma, Maya, superstition and ignorance, these are the things that will hold you back from the ultimate realization that can be realized while you are incarnate on this planet,


letting loose of these emotions and false beliefs will dissolve the ignorance from your life, accepting the good and rejecting the bad is a good start, a little discrimination in the words of your scriptures will clear the muddy water to enable you to see what really matters,


taking total control of your false personality is paramount, and by tempering your material aspirations with the spiritual knowledge of right and wrong, will allow your true intuitions to take hold and lead you in the right directions,


I am not saying to go around spilling salt and breaking mirrors, but just stop giving any thought or credence to any of these ideas, recognizing them only feeds false personality.





Ok, you have overcome your fears and have dissolved your superstitions, your dogmas are now nonexistent and you believe you are absolutely bulletproof, this doesn't mean that you should go out and start doing stupid stuff,


there is still cause and effect, and the possibility that you may have some karmic debt saved up from previous lifetimes is always there, attitude is a fluid thing and humility keeps it in check quite well,


some people may think that gambling on other peoples misfortune is a harmless activity, but it involves other peoples lives directly, it also taps into the law of attraction and not in a good way,


small scale gambling in itself is fairly harmless when it doesn't involve others, an occasional lottery ticket or getting into a football pool isn't going to change your life, the entertainment factor should be the most that you should expect from such an activity,


but death pools and disaster pools are not only in poor taste but seem to sway fate in the direction where a lesson can be learned from such activities, and the lesson may not be what you had in mind.


To sum up these thoughts of evil it should be understood that there does not have to be evil in the world, it is not balancing out of good,


ultimately evil should be left out of your thoughts altogether, watching evil acts on the news or even in videos should be avoided to ensure that it is not introduced into your life,


when only thoughts of good are in your mind, then this will keep your situations of life relatively good, thoughts of evil generate fear and attract such situations into your life,


whether it is believed or not, there is a law of attraction that draws emanations of your thoughts and beliefs to you, worry, fear and superstitious beliefs are thoughts to be avoided at all costs,


they do not benefit you in the least and will bring strife and trouble into your life, this is not a subject that anybody should be ignorant of,


your children should be made aware of it so that they will not be negatively influenced by their friends or school mates and could possibly diffuse any sort of terror arising with their friends or school mates to help ensure a more peaceful encounter of life away from the home environment,


it goes without saying that all negative emotions should be handled in this manner wherewith hope, there may end up being an epidemic of peace taking over our planet, remember that evil cannot be conquered in the world but only resisted in one's self.

Superstitious Belief


It is unfortunate that some religions have ideas based on superstition, this mindset is not spiritual and usually involves some sort of fear, if I don't do a certain thing, bad things will happen, or if I do a certain thing bad things will happen,


it also includes accidental happenstances and conditional happenstances, these are self-created situations that inject fear into situations that have no business of being there at all, the invention of talismans compounds the worry and fear allowing a material object to have power over whoever believes,


superstitious belief is the product of thinking too much when instead you should just be being, lack of control of free will and the inability of being able to just cope with life fuels superstitious belief,


if you try to analyze why some superstitious beliefs were injected into our scriptures, you will find that it was believed that fear was a good enough reason to follow specific beliefs, when actually all the fear and dogma have actually done is distract us from what is important and should be paid attention to,


the Maya is clouding the vision of our reality to the point of paranoia and even the opposite effect of recklessness because of the ignoring of common sense is also potentially damaging,


all of this fear has replaced the provided wisdom with anger and war which isn't the desired effect of any religion.


Back when our religious scriptures were written, they had much more value than they do today, the medical practices have improved greatly and also living conditions have also improved greatly,


many things in scriptures are no longer followed, the world has legally abolished slavery, the sacrifice of animals is no longer commonplace, women in their menstrual cycle are no longer considered outcasts and are not quarantined, dead animals are kept and eaten because of refrigeration,


the list goes on, the fear-based religious knowledge should be the first to be replaced by positive optimistic beliefs, a generally good attitude in all situations is much better than playing the blame game especially with superstitious intent,


you are not being punished for anything, you may be being tested, an attitude check to see if you are changing for the better or if you are stagnating, where the same old problems seem to haunt you,


the world is changing fast and it is very important for us to realize that superstitions and the beliefs in them are only holding us back,


our general attitudes must change towards optimism and leave behind the irrational bad-luck defeatest beliefs, we have to take the good with the bad and our composure will be what defines us for the future.

Dogma Meaning


Though the meaning of dogma is essentially the same as superstition or Maya (magic or illusion), that meaning should not be included in rituals and specific acts which bring a memorable experience to procedures and initiations of that sort,


there is an inherent power that comes with intention of virtuous things, there is a big difference between following a ritual with its procedures and garb and it is another thing to fear not doing a certain ritual where you may be plagued with misfortune by not participating,


all of your beliefs should be of a positive nature or of a nature that explains life to a degree that enables you a degree of control, our minds are very powerful and we create our own demons,


if we believe, it will be so, if not materially, at least in our minds, and that is where negative beliefs can do the most damage, and as for others determining what our beliefs should be,


there is no greater authority as to your reality than yourself, it is not of great consequence the situation that you are in now, it is what power you choose to give to the situations that brought you there,


a change of personal outlook can ultimately change your reality, do not let the dogma meaning be your meaning,


make your beliefs realistic and of good intentions, so you can live them with the love of life and leave the dogma behind.

Suspicion and Faith


Besides superstition, there is another detrimental belief system that can and will limit your life, and that is not trusting people and not trusting yourself,


this may have been developed from an air of paranoia in portions of your life previously and it may be subtle and virtually unnoticeable for the most part,


this a negative aspect of your personality needs to be replaced as it is noticed when you develop a preconceived notion that something bad or unwanted or generally a not ideal situation shall occur before anything has actually happened,


you will in that instant be drawing this failing towards you from places that you could not imagine, you may think that this sounds like magic but it is no more magic than someone with a very positive outlook on life having things to seem to always go their way,


this is not just limited to what you may say about situations with your opinions, but what you think also has great influence, suspicion and faith should be like oil and water, they do not mix well,


feelings of suspicion and mistrust will breed the same and there is absolutely nothing to be gained from these kinds of thoughts, but having faith that things will go well and people can be trusted from the start, will create a much better starting point for dealings with others,


since everyone involved has a hand in creating the situations in which they are involved, this will be the ultimate determining factor where your trust may be shaken or when you feel that it is time to follow another route.

Why am I Superstitious?


The reason you and many people are superstitious is that your parents, friends and acquaintances have taught you this because of all of their parents, friends, and acquaintances have been given these beliefs either from the same sources or some come from religious practices,


for the most part they are all silly and have been handed down from our ignorant past because of nothing better to believe in at the time, fearing certain numbers, keeping good luck charms and avoiding saying or doing specific things in specific places are handed down from culture to culture,


what is the worst part of this is that if it is your belief that these superstitious things mean something and have some power, they will, since you create your own reality, you will be at the mercy of these beliefs that you empower,


any sort of superstitious belief should be forgotten and replaced with something positive, the practice of certain rituals may seem to be superstitious to some people but for the most part they are used to make specific actions and ceremonies more memorable and should be of a positive nature,


they should not be depended upon in order for a positive outcome to occur, your thoughts and beliefs are very powerful things that should not be taken lightly, therefore your beliefs should be free of any and all superstitious intentions,


so it does no good to worry about stepping on that crack or that black cat that crosses your path or breaking that mirror or spilling salt or opening an umbrella inside or any silly action that has no logical explanation for its generated fear,


after all, it isn't bad luck to walk under a ladder but then again, someone may be working at the top of that ladder and may drop a tool or bucket of paint which is how that superstition probably got started in the first place.

Fear of God


Another superstition that has grown from many scriptures is the fear of God, even the wording that uses the word "fear" is translated incorrectly as it should be a respect of God,


God has been presented as jealous and vengeful where those are actually not aspects of any sort of divinity at all but are aspects of mans view from materialistic sense driven sorts,


there should never be a fear of God, all of the laws that God has given us are only to protect us from ourselves, if we kill, we have created an upset in the cosmic balance of things and there must be a balance to restore this upset,


it is not God taking vengeance upon us but balancing out with the addition of a valuable lesson to be learned in the process, we should not have a fear of God,


but should take care to uphold our commandments and steer away from the sins that we may dabble in with our free will and embrace the virtues that makes us all better people,


we do not need to smite others for any reason, rather we should help others because they are our brothers and sisters, it is unfortunate that fear of this sort has been presented in many scriptures,


it was the general beliefs of the day when the scriptures were written that has presented these detrimental beliefs to mankind,


by keeping a solid grasp of the natural world and a steady exploration of the spiritual world, we all shall come to realize that there is nothing to fear in God but all to rejoice in.

Fear of Death


With the scares of facing your mortality especially during this Corona Virus outbreak, the fear of death is on many peoples minds,


this is the ultimate superstition as there is no ultimate annihilation when your physical body dies, and for that matter, sickness is only a lesson presented to you by your soul for something for you to learn,


this entire virus outbreak may only be a re-programming of mankind, the knowledge gained in the last few decades has brought humanity to fear the unknown, not recognizing a new virus and fearing it is probably more harmful than just letting it run its course,


our economy is in shambles because of the fear of breathing the same air as someone else, the more someone tries not to get this virus, the better the chances that it will be got,


and the fear will make it that much worse, panic is running rampant which will do the most damage, in the long run, I am not saying that being socially responsible is a bad thing,


but inciting terror is the wrong way of going about it, Afterall, if God or the power that has created us feels that you should get this virus for whatever reason you will get it no matter what precautions you may take,


as for the 107-year-old woman that got the virus and made a complete recovery, she promptly went to church to thank God for all she has, she was always religious and probably had very little to learn from getting this virus but had no fear and always kept her faith,


illness, in general, does not have to do with faith but does have something to do with wrong thinking, just by keeping a calm attitude and not panicking or having a paranoid attitude will help greatly,


of course, knowing that death is not the end of the line but actually a new beginning for your soul, returning to the pandemic at hand, it is not a coincidence that the workers at a meatpacking plant had the highest incident of this virus,


it is still not realized that we are all connected and that includes the animals that are slaughtered for food for human consumption, in addition science seems to always want to stop nature in one way or another,


developing inoculations for the flu may seem like a good idea at the time but it may be circumventing important germs that are intended to make us stronger in the long run,


there are deaths from the flu every year and most of them are from the elderly, it would be interesting to do a study to see how many victims of the flu had been inoculated in years past,


in short, I would not be surprised at all if humanity has been creating these viruses from their disrespect to their animal brothers and towards their arrogance in science,


nevertheless, if you are meant to get this virus, nothing will prevent it and in the process, there will be something to be learned that will change you for the better,


and if you are unable to learn anything from this lesson and your body dies you should rest assured that your immortal soul will continue and hopefully, you will do better in the next life.

Cause and Effect


Some people will believe that all of their woes are due to bad luck or that life has it out for them but in reality, most of the problems that they experience are of their own creation,


the effects that they experience is all of their cause when you look at the big picture you may realize that mankind has created all of its woes itself by its lifestyles to some extent,


when you steal, you will be stolen from, he who lives by the sword will die by the sword is an all-encompassing term that covers almost everything that everyone does just as, as ye sow so shall ye reap and what comes around goes around,


there is always a cosmic balancing out of your personal actions, and it does not always have to involve karma even though karma can be one of the most confusing aspects of cause and effect where the cause could have happened centuries or even thousands of years earlier,


but mostly we are going to cover doing stupid stuff and the reactions that come from these actions, cause and effect can cover every aspect of your life, not even mentioning karmic debts being repaid,


there are many things that happen because of things that you do, your diet and habits can naturally lead to good or bad health, things that may be done in excess will eventually slingshot you in the other direction,


even attitudes can take their toll on your life, a continuous risk taken as a thrill can finish your life quickly, driving like a maniac can also end your life in a flash, this also applies to what you may do to others,


if it doesn't balance itself out while you are still alive, it most certainly will in a future life and you will be clueless for the reason,


stealing, cheating, lying, among other actions that involve others can and will impact your life whether you believe it or not, you may know of certain people that seem to get away with everything with no consequences,


and you may know of people that have had a tough or unfair life, these people are very similar because you are not aware of what they have done in previous lives or what their next lives will be like,


you, just as they have things to learn in their life, both extremes must be experienced for there to be a cosmic balance achieved, so moderation is a good way to control the effect of your causes.

Is Superstition Religious?


Unfortunately, much superstition has arisen from religion, beliefs that an eternal hell is waiting for those that do any bad or that unending anguish will come to those that believe differently is something that has be taught because of religion,


this does not have to be such, all religious scriptures have been written by men with some sort of divine inspiration, this inspiration has been colored to accommodate the superstitions of the eras that they were written,


along with this divine inspiration there was something called free will also given to them, this gave them license to interpret this divine inspiration to as they feel fit,


the following of strict rules, the superstitious do's and dont’s, the runaway emotions that amplify skewed beliefs, all add to the nonsense of superstition,


religion may even be the root cause for many superstitions, all of these superstitions can be done away with and the love and wisdom can be extracted from the scriptures and used for a beneficial advantage,


essentially superstition is an amplification of fear, conspiracies are able to seed superstition with their theories with no basis in fact, they only undermine societies with a manufactured fear based on nothing more than an opinion,


these sorts of things only have people worried for no good reason and intelligent progress is subdued out of confusion, conspiracies use to be fun when you would talk to a flat earth er,


but now it is a form of mild domestic terrorism, once this sort of superstitious beliefs is realized for what it really is, it shall open the door for a realistic view of life,


religion can be practiced with the intent of divine wisdom and the superstition can be filed away as an archaic dogma of some particular era,


there is no true reason for fear in any religion, the damnation and eternal hell’s which were there to scare you straight have been refined into cause and effect,


as ye sow, so shall ye reap is a statement that says much when it is understood in its proper context, when you do bad to others you create a cosmic imbalance,


upon the completion of your life, if you have not reconciled this imbalance, you shall have to fix this in some future life either by reconciliation or by tit for tat, meaning that you shall reap as you have sown,


this is how the soul learns, it is as simple as that, there is nothing to learn in an eternal fiery hell, it is a waste and God is not one to waste anything, besides, how else can knowledge be added to all that is other than by learning,


superstition teaches you nothing but fear and is best left out of religion where there are many other worthwhile things to learn about our reality.

How Can Superstitions be Eradicated?



If you wish to be rid of all of your superstitious beliefs once and for all, you need only get a logical grasp of reality, stop buying into things like talismans or compulsive rituals that make you a prisoner of your beliefs,


there are also many religious scriptures that inject an amount of fear in the hope that you will follow the correct paths, the hell’s, the eternal torment and even heaven can come under these categories,


these beliefs are meant to coerce or tempt you or scare you into being good or following the proper path, since I have a belief in reincarnation, I know that anything bad that I have done will acquire karma that will need to be reconciled in this life or some future life,


there is no time for an eternity in some fiery hell or some eternity in paradise with the belief that this will come about by living just one single life, something like that seems just too self indulgent and impractical,


where would the evolution come in? how would we be able to learn from our mistakes? All of the superstitions of what God needs from us are unrealistic and serve no purpose for our souls to advance,


and on a less religious note, beliefs in conspiracies and following the word of a single individual without verifying facts or having a general paranoia that people are ganged up against you are another form of delusional superstition,


these are even more dangerous because there are always those that will agree with your irrational fears, in the first place here, you must maintain complete control over your emotions, this does not mean that you have to become a mindless drone,


you can still be happy and sad, just not out of reasonable control, it is irrational fear that is ruining lives by prolonging beliefs in something that is inherently against you, there is no jinx, saying something out loud is not going to damn you,


when you start to believe that luck is something that is guarded instead of a lesson that is to be learned, synchronicity shall prove otherwise, fear shall attract fearful things, this is not to say that you should tempt fate,


cause and effect are very real things and shall prove it is so in many ways, the avoidance of problems shall allow them to creep up on you, there is a reason that you are avoiding it, confrontation brings it into the open, fear gives it the upper hand,


there is this guy that is called, now I have forgot his name and it pleases me to no end because when I finally remember it, it will be for the best that you forget it also, it is Murphy,


I had to actually look on the internet to remind me, Murphy has this law that states that if anything can go wrong, it will, this is the worst belief that a rational person can actually have,


a belief in this law can doom you to any progress that you can possibly make in your life and it is best forgotten right now, it only has the ability for you to attract calamity into your life and have you tiptoe in fear,


you ultimately create your own reality and should keep this concept at the top of all of your beliefs, this kept in mind shall eradicate every superstitious thought that you ever might have.

Does Superstition affect your life?



How can it not? Just look at all of those people that base their beliefs on something that cannot be proven and have no beneficial reasoning or causes, they allow someones imagination or paranoia to begin to gain control over them,


conspiracies are mostly created because of boredom or as a form of terrorism trains of thought or just because of personal agendas that are meant to benefit an individual and or a particular group of individuals,


by leaving yourself open to the supposed secret, undiscovered agendas of unknown, unproven individuals or groups that seem to have much power without even trying or having the ability of being discovered is extremely debilitating when it comes to having a normal productive life,


additionally, pure superstition on a personal level is only tying you down to prevent advancement in your otherwise rational, logical life, it is actually quite ironic when someone with no belief in God or cosmic intelligence is willing to believe some magical notion of a secret agenda bent on disrupting their lives,


then there is the belief in some opinion programs such as Tucker Carlson where his opinions are affecting the lives of people in other countries because these countries such as Russia keep control through propaganda and use this man and his harebrained opinions to promote and sustain particular agendas through misinformation,


just the belief in these sorts of individuals as being factual sources of information is a superstition in itself, they do not use legitimate journalism for facts, they just say what ever it is that is controversial and brings more viewers,


it is just superstition that is fueled by the almighty dollar and people are willing and ready to buy into it hook, line and sinker, only those that have minds of their own are able to see past these smokescreens that are made to deceive merely for the sake of ratings and sucking in those with this sort of mindset,


unfortunately, those that buy into these sorts of deceptions are creating their own kind of distorted realities, they are missing what is really important in their lives and are accepting what is told to them because it is believed that it is what they want to hear,


and if you don't believe that this is affecting your life, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Is Superstition OCD?



That is obsessive compulsive disorder in case you have something else in mind, at times after you have listened to your friends and family long enough, your reactions to certain things may be so well ingrained into your psyche that it may appear that you do have OCD,


the reactions of people when you seemingly temp fate with your actions, when you allow superstitious beliefs control over your actions because of what someone told you before you can remember when,


it is when you give power to and allow superstition to be a controlling factor in your life, that your actions remove the appearance of stability in your beliefs and make you come off as being neurotic,


you are afraid to say certain things because you are afraid of jinxing something, you may have your certain ritual to follow when some specific thing may happen or simply go out of your way to avoid others because of the irrational beliefs of what will or may happen if they are done,


what people fail to understand is that it is your intentions that guide actions your way, any accidental or innocent action on your part has no power over you, it is the power that you give to these actions that make things happen and usually specifically by your own doing,


there is something to be said about tempting fate, when you brag or dare something to stop what it is that you are doing, you are attracting superstitious happenings in reverse, subconsciously,


you are still attracting calamity into your life even though you may state that you actually have no superstitious beliefs, it is best to leave all of these irrational thoughts un-thunk,


do what it is that you wish to do and pay no attention to what others have said regarding it, cause and effect are the only factors that shall follow you, not stepping on that crack or whistling indoors or accidentally spilling some salt or breaking a mirror,


there is no practical purpose going through life walking on egg shells that you have apparently left laying all around you, otherwise people will look at you like you do have OCD.

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